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Products that help in the fight against depression

Products that help in the fight against depression
Products that help in the fight against depression

Products that help in the fight against depression

Nowadays a healthy diet is catching on. The majority of people know that proper food choices are an integral part of health. But less known is the fact that a balanced diet can also protect your mental health. Although no vitamins, nutrients or proper foods can cure depression, research suggests that there is a correlation between the rational nutrition in general and mental prosperity.

Regardless of that is the cause of depression the listed below products can help to get out of it. But before proceeding to the list of products, we should say a few words about daily regime. The fact that the compliance with the regime of day is a very important point, turns out that the mood and physical well-being depends greatly on whether a person is in harmony with the time of day or not. The best option is to get up in the morning at sunrise, when all nature is awakening and go to bed at approximately 9-10 pm, while the body and mind and the human nervous system rest the best way. Be sure to include physical exercises (or at least warm up exercises) in your mode of the day and shower —at morning and evening. Water procedures are also a means from sorrow.

As for the diet, you should know what products and at what time is best to eat. Fruits and berries are best to be taken early in the day but not in the evening, because they invigorate, give energy. But vegetables are best to be eaten in the late afternoon; especially steamed or boiled they soothe and relax.

Food that helps combating depression this is not the products that create a false sense of comfort (sugar, fatty foods, cakes, chips, etc.), but those meals and snacks that really comfort and improve mood.

Spinach. This green deciduous plant contains a lot of vitamin B, low indexes of which is associated with despair. It assists the body to produce serotonin a neurotransmitter that impacts mood and behavior.

Turkey. Turkey contains a lot of tryptophan — an amino acid that is necessary for serotonin and melatonin development, which regulate mood. Human organism does not produce tryptophan naturally, so it must be obtained from food. Except for turkey, this amino acid could also be found in pineapple, cheese and lobster.

Milk. Dairy and lactose vitaminized foods (soy or almond milk, and so on) contain a lot of vitamin D, which increases serotonin and reduces depression. In 2008, scientists have found that vitamin D alleviates some symptoms of depression.

Soy. Just like the turkey, soy products (tofu, green soybeans) are rich in tryptophan. In addition, soybeans have a low glycemic index. This means that they do not provoke a sharp increase in energy levels, preventing possible occurrence of mood swings in the future.

Salmon. One of the best ways to get the daily norm of omega-3 fatty acids is to eat salmon meat. You do not like this fish? Tuna and herring also can boast with a fair amount of these elements.

Beans. Legumes, such as lentils, have high content of protein, fiber and iron. These minerals play an important role in the fight against apathy and give the body energy.

Bananas. This fruit is one of the main suppliers of potassium to humans. Moreover, it satisfies body’s need of tryptophan. British researchers proved that women, who experience depression and have low levels of tryptophan, have a higher likelihood to return to it. Besides bananas is an excellent source of iron.

Walnuts. US scientists have proved that after injection of omega-3 fatty acids to rats their mood improved. Walnuts and freshly ground flax seeds (must be milled so that the organism can absorb nutrients) are the best herbal points of supply of this fatty acid.

Cheese. It contains an amino acid tyramine, tryptamine, and phenylethylamine, which cheer up the mood. And group B vitamins are natural antidepressants.

Asparagus. It is a valuable source of folic acid, which is necessary to maintain our health. When eaten systematically this product increases efficiency, vitality, appears self-confidence. In asparagus are considered particularly valuable tops of young shoots (just cut).

Avocado. It is the best source of potassium. Potassium helps to protect you from the consequences of prolonged depression cardiovascular ailments, heart diseases and stroke. Also avocados contain monounsaturated fatty acids, including oleic acid a powerful antioxidant that protects against breast cancer.

Chamomile tea. This is an excellent sedative, useful for healthy sleep and rest. A cup of chamomile tea for the night soothes nerves, relieves stress and accelerates sleep.

Chocolate. Thanks to black chocolate produces hormone serotonin, which is responsible for good mood, pleasant feelings; it also stimulates the brain and relieves stress. So consumption of a few squares of chocolate is not only a pleasant activity but also a useful one.

Green tea. Although it also contains caffeine, it is rich in an amino acid called theanine which is known for its calming effect and noticeably improves mood.

Oranges. Used as a fortifying agent, in cases of vitamin deficiencies, in diseases of the heart, blood vessels and liver. If a person regularly uses these citrus fruits, in general, the digestive, endocrine and nervous systems are in harmonious interaction. They also have a significant calming effect. Like all citrus, they are rich in vitamin C. They also are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, PP and trace elements such as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium.

Oatmeal. It comprises vitamin H (biotin, it is a part of enzymes that regulate protein and fat metabolism, has high activity.) It is recommended for drowsiness, weakness, muscle pain and even depression, nervous tension. In addition, oatmeal promotes excretion of toxins, food poisons and salts of heavy metals.

Anise. This sweetish spice enhances optimism and improves mood. Milled anise can be added not only in dishes but also in drinks.

Barberry. This is one of the best berries to treat depression since it increases optimism greatly. Dried barberries also will do, they can be crushed and added to tea or other beverages. It should be taken in the morning, but also during the day in small quantities.

Pears. Also is an excellent means to improve mood.

Green cardamom. Differs from the black by its appearance (a green box and bright grains inside); it is a very useful spice, which, in addition to many useful medicinal properties, eliminates depressive states. It can be used at any time of day.

Honey. This great source of energy is not only able to improve the mood and tone of the body, but also to treat various illnesses. Buy honey that has a fresh and pleasant smell and a taste that you enjoy. Maybe only one or two types of honey from around the range in the market will suit your taste.

Capsicum. They are rich in capsaicin, which stimulates the production of endorphins. Incidentally, hot peppers contain capsaicin is much bigger amount than, for example, paprika, and as a consequence will affect your mood much better. Peppers can be added to soups, used as a seasoning or be eaten raw in small quantities. Above all, be careful, otherwise you can “get burned”.

Seeds (quinoa, millet, spelled, barley). They contain group B vitamins that strengthen our nerves. Also, these seeds are rich in zinc, which increases libido.

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