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Pros/cons of OC pills, what are they?

Proscons of OC pills, what are they?
Proscons of OC pills, what are they?

Proscons of OC pills, what are they?

Pros/cons of OC pills, what are they? Perhaps, among the questions about women’s health there are not so many subjects that would cause such opposite opinions — from total enthusiasm to complete hatred. And first of all the whole gamut of emotions refers to oral contraception, which over the past years have been declared both a panacea and the most horrible destroyer of women’s health.

Let’s clarify that oral contraception (OC) involves hormonal preparations (tablets). Their purpose is to help you to avoid unplanned conception. They consist, as a rule, of 2 main ingredients — estrogen and gestagen. These substances suppress ovulation and therefore, don’t let you to conceive. By their composition, OC agents are monophasic, biphasic and three-phase. Biphasic are practically not used these days. But three-phase ones have found their admirers.Pros/cons of OC pills are very similar, despite their composition.

In contrast to the past years, today are used for contraceptive purposes low-dose drugs, which contain a small amount of hormones. With minimal adverse effects they have the greatest effectiveness. But at the same time there are OC with a slightly higher dosage. These are preparations of the penultimate generation. But despite their differences, pros/cons of OC pills are pretty similar.

To begin with, let’s note that at the moment, with all the abundance of funds, there is still no OC that would suit everybody. And to these pills, in addition to good, did not cause any damage, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Do you know that OС is almost a 100% guarantee of protection? But in order for the result to remain so, it is necessary that the woman is organized and not forget to take them on time. And pills are taken according to the following scheme. Starting from the first day of the period, for 21 days, followed by a 7-day break. This should be the first cycle. It is believed that with such a drug regimen, if a woman does not forget to take pills, the chance of having an unwanted pregnancy is practically reduced to zero.

Next, we proceed to pros/cons of OC pills in details.

  • So, the first plus of OC is their high efficiency.
  • Secondly, the presence of a curative effect for women with impairments. Such as irregular menstrual cycle, its violation, painful and plentiful period.
  • Thirdly, the competent prescription of oral contraceptives reduces the risk of cancer of the endometrium, mammary glands and ovaries. Therefore, a woman using OC has less chance to “earn” such illnesses than those who do not use them at all.

Reception of OC is simple and most convenient to use. All you need to do is during the day, and at any time, to take one pill. It is only recommended to add their reception to some everyday business, so a woman does not forget to take them.

Some OC agents have an androgenic effect. This is considered to be an important aspect among pros/cons of OC pills. They can be used for treatment of increased hairiness. And some are also used for the treatment of acne. Unless, of course, it is too strongly pronounced. That’s impressive, isn’t it? And these are not all pros/cons of OC pills.

One more benefit in our list of pros/cons of OC pills. Convenience of OC is also in the fact that they allow you to “predict” a time of a woman’s period. But this applies only to monophasic pills. For example, a lady is going on vacation (a romantic trip or anything else). And she doesn’t want to have her period this month. In this case her gynecologists prescribe her taking medications in continuous mode. That is, without a seven-day break. There is even such a rhythm of taking birth control pills, as “4 periods per year”. This is when a woman takes 3 cycles of the medicine in a row and only then does a 7-day break. Such a system has the right to exist. It all depends on the attitude of a woman herself to it. Some like the absence of the period a lot. Others are annoyed by it. That’s an important aspect among different pros/cons of OC pills.

OC can be used by even young girls. It is clear that only those who, despite their young age, already have an active sex life. But it is very important to choose birth control pills with the help of an experienced physician. And to use them correctly. Fr example, you cannot combine birth control pills and alcohol.

Also, these pills reduce stomach pain during menstruation. They reduce the symptoms of PMS. Against the background of taking OC, menstruation becomes less abundant and lasts less days.

The next info is perhaps the most important among pros/cons of OC pills. If you decide to plan a pregnancy, after you’re done with OC reception the chances of conceiving a child are much higher.

The first disadvantage of OC is the fact that they require a fairly strict organization. Because you can easily forget to take them.

Further, OC have a certain price in money terms. In contrast to the calendar method or interrupted sexual intercourse. Moreover, the better the drug is, the higher its price. And sometimes it can be very high.

One more important thing about pros/cons of OC pills. They do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Therefore, if a woman takes birth control pills, but she has unplanned or accidental sex, it is better to use a condom in addition.

When taking certain medications (for example, antibiotics), the contraceptive effect may decrease.

Contraceptive pills can increase appetite. If you do not want to gain weight due to OC pills, you need to monitor the diet and lead an active lifestyle.

Contraceptive pills can cause hair loss.

In some cases, but not always, these pills can have unpleasant side effects. For instance: nausea, dizziness, vomiting, headaches and breast engorgement. But these unpleasant signs are typical for the very beginning of using birth control pills. As a rule, to the second or third course all these phenomena disappear.

By the way, about the weight gain this is interesting pros/cons of OC pills aspect. It is necessary to know that the newest birth control pills allow weight fluctuations of plus / minus 2 kg. By the way, there are cases when due to these drugs women even grow thin. Much depends on the individual perception of the body and metabolic features.

A new generation of OC funds is suitable for almost any woman. It doesn’t matter how young or old they are or how often they have sex. That is, when we talk about the pros/cons of OC pills, benefits prevail.

However, as with any medication, there are, of course, certain contraindications. Intensively smoking women should give up this type of contraception. As well as those with chronic illnesses of the cardiovascular system, with severe forms of diabetes, malignant neoplasms of the reproductive system. That’s why it is important to talk to your physician about the perfect contraceptive for you. Only after this you can go ahead and buy birth control pills online or in a drugstore.

Disputes of ordinary women around contraceptive pills, probably, will not cease soon. There are too many those who consider any hormones an absolute evil. Of course, this is not so, and millions of women around the world are successfully taking OC for many years. But now you know all the pros/cons of OC pills and can make your own mind on this subject.

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