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Prostatitis test

Prostatitis test
Prostatitis test

Prostatitis test

Many men do not want to admit to themselves that they have prostatitis and try as long as possible to pull the visiting of the doctor. But if men really have this disease then it is something that cannot be delayed. You need to consult your doctor as soon as possible. To understand how serious is the situation men look on the Internet for a lot of information, read articles while to understand it is enough to pass a prostatitis test that includes several questions.

The achievements of the past decades are, on the one hand, the early detection of the disease, when it does not pose an immediate threat to the life of the patient but manifests itself with disturbing symptoms which affects the quality of life; on the other hand, the emergence of alternative open procedures for treating adenoma of the prostate. The latter include both drug therapy (use of alpha-blockers and 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors) and minimally invasive instrumental methods of treatment (use of laser technologies, methods of thermal impact on the prostate, prostatic stents and a number of others about which you can read in the article “Prostatitis treatment”). In these conditions, there is a need for a more subtle and detailed assessment of the degree of symptomatology in patients with prostate adenoma, as well as giving it a quantitative expression. So if you will pass the prostatitis test now you can know whether it is necessary to visit a doctor or you just worry in vain.

About prostatitis test online:

In 1992 was proposed a symptom indicator consisting of 7 questions but included one additional issue related to the quality of life. This questionnaire is called the IPSS and is recommended as an official tool for evaluating patients with prostate adenoma but men prefer to call it simply a prostatitis test. The IPSS scale allows assessing the severity of symptoms in patients with urinary disorders. By the number of points the doctor determines the degree of severity of symptoms in the patient and selects one or another type of treatment. The results of filling the questionnaire of the IPSS scale or prostatitis test can be fully interpreted only at the reception of a doctor who before giving any assessments will thoroughly examine the patient’s complaints and history of the disease, examine him, conduct other analyzes and studies aimed at identifying the causes of urinary disorders. In this regard, one should not attempt to obtain a virtual interpretation of the prostatitis test questionnaire and any recommendations for examination or treatment with prostatitis medication. It is intended only to make it convenient for you to print it out, fill it out and bring it to a doctor.

Before embolization of the arteries of the prostate each patient needs to undergo an evaluation of the symptoms of prostate adenoma according to the IPSS prostatitis test. Six months after the operation, the test should be repeated to assess the degree of symptom regression and the effectiveness of the embolization. In most cases, the diagnosis of prostate adenoma is made without any difficulties. Already at questioning the trough of the patient the doctor can presumably put this diagnosis. You can independently answer test questions without resorting to additional research. The total score allows you to preliminarily assess the severity and persuasiveness of existing prostate disorders and potency problems.

Since the process of identifying complaints is highly subjective and largely depends on the individual characteristics of the doctor, special questionnaires have been created for standardization. They also help to observe the process of treatment, revealing the dynamics of symptoms. This prostatitis test consists of 8 questions. The answers to the first 7 range from 0 to 5 depending on the severity of the symptom. Thus, the maximum score for symptoms can reach 35. The sum of points is divided as follows:

  • 0-7 – weakly expressed symptomatology;
  • 8 – 19 – mild symptomatology;
  • 20 – 35 – severe symptoms.

The 8th question of prostatitis test clarifies the impact of the disease on the quality of life of the patient and is estimated from 0 to 6 points. Although this single issue cannot fully cover the effect on the quality of life of symptoms of impaired urination, suggesting a violation of urinary bladder outflow, it can nevertheless serve as a starting point in a doctor-patient conversation about this important issue.

Questions of online prostatitis test:


Less than 1 time out of 5

Less than in half cases

Approximately in half cases

More often than in half cases

Almost all the time







1. How often during the last month did you have a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder after urinating?

2. How often during the last month did you have to urinate more often than 2 hours after the last urination?

3. How often did you have intermittent urination during the last month?

4. How often during the last month it was difficult for you to temporarily abstain from urinating?

5. How often during the last month you had a weak urine stream?

6. How often during the last month did you have to strain to start urinating?

7. How often during the last month did you have to get up at night from bed to urinate?

How would you feel if you had to live with your existing problems with urination for the rest of your life?

Very good



Mixed feeling



Very bad








The recommendation for the diagnosis and treatment of prostate adenoma indicates that the online prostatitis test is part of the initial examination of patients with prostate adenoma. It should be used only to describe and count the symptoms of prostatic adenoma and to evaluate the results of treatment objectively. The jackal of symptoms alone cannot be used to select the method of treatment for a particular patient. The current practice of using the system of quantitative assessment of subjective symptoms of prostatic adenoma by urologists suggests that the widespread use of the IPSS prostatitis test in a comprehensive assessment of the condition of prostatic adenoma patients will allow for a differentiated approach to tactics treatment, providing both its best results and greater objectivity in assessing its effectiveness.

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It is a very useful article because every man afraid of going to doctor and to know if you have something to worry about you can after prostatitis test online and in few minutes.