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Prostatitis treatment

Prostatitis treatment
Prostatitis treatment

Prostatitis treatment

In this article we will talk about prostatitis treatment and explain how to cure this illness. Nowadays everybody knows what is prostatitis but not every men know how to get rid of it. It is a big urological problem which – the formation of puffiness. Under the prostate is commonly understood a bag of muscle fibers and glandular structures located in a small pelvis that surrounds the urethra and the vas deferens. Against the backdrop of illness this pouch increases in size due to puffiness, presses the urethral canals, so one of the most pronounced symptoms is a feeling of pain during urination. It is important to do this under the guidance of medical personnel but in the prostatitis treatment can be used a variety of means. Also it is worth noting that this disease is curable and there are several ways for it. It is important to choose the right one for you and to hold the right course.

The function of this gland is reduced to the development of a special secret which constitutes an important element of the sperm. The composition of the prostate secret is complex in chemical composition and carries a serious function for the body: Ensures active activity of spermatozoa; Provides immunity of the prostate at the local level and prevents its infection; Creates a normal supply of the erection; Normalizes and regulates the production of testosterone; Is responsible for the act of urination (partly).

As soon as the inflammatory process begins in the prostate gland, the composition of the secretion of the prostate is modified, its functional decreases. A man begins to experience serious penis standing problem (as a consequence, psychological discomfort) the body’s function decreases before the possibility of infection, hormonal disorders occur.

Prostatitis treatment has several directions: Medications; Apparatus; Surgery.

Among the known, it is the medicamental and the apparatus that are distinguished.

The tactics of prostatitis treatment is reduced to taking antibiotics combining with other methods of therapy and, sometimes, hormonal medications. It is a very delicate problem for every man, so the choice of means should be done wisely. In stresses, depression, hypothermia, regular mental overstrain and overwork, a monotonous diet and a lack of a regime lead to a pathological condition, then it is important to start with adjusting your own way of life. Patients should carry out physiotherapy, treat existing diseases and follow a certain diet, regimen. Any action and reception of medicines should be determined with the doctor, since any seemingly innocuous method of prostatitis treatment can seriously aggravate the existing problem and complicate the recovery. But except of prostatitis medications there are other ways which can help when nothing else did so first of all men should try easier ways to cure it.

Prostatitis treatment with medical devices:

Many tactics of treating prostate adenoma and prostatitis are based on the basis of the use of apparatus devices. All without exception devices for prostatitis treatment should be classified into several groups:

  1. Electrostimulators. The principle of action is based on increasing the muscle tone of the prostate with electric currents which undergo involuntary contractions and сonsequently the prostate gland becomes better.
  2. Vibration stimulators. The operation of the device resembles a massage which improves muscle tone, enhances blood flow, significantly improves metabolism.
  3. Devices for water disinfection. Devices are designed for general health improvement of the body which is based on knowledge of bioresonance irradiation of water. Also this method can be used as a complex therapy.
  4. Magnetic devices. Magnets have long been used in modern urological practice. Some medical devices have been created on their basis.
  5. Devices of systematic influence. The transrectal device has a local physiotherapeutic effect, helps to remove the main symptoms of the illness and enhances the effect of medications. With the use of devices in this group, patients can achieve a long-term remission of the disease.
  6. Ultrasonic devices. The principle of the device is based on the creation of ultrasonic vibrations which affect the prostate tissue and activate its activity.
  7. Vibroacoustic devices. Their functional combines the creation of sound waves and vibrations. It is known that with regular exposure to the device patients can get rid of symptoms.

In some cases it is the apparatus prostatitis treatment is most effective but a lot of men still prefer prostate massage for prostatitis because it already helped a lot of men of different age (but we should say that it is enough just massage at easy stage).

Surgical intervention is the extreme method and is indicated in the case of complications which include:

  1. Obstruction of the urethra to the extent that urination becomes almost impossible. A similar condition occurs when phimosis is attached to prostatitis, that is, it is impossible to open and expose the head of the male’s sexual organ.
  2. If there is a disturbance in the outflow of secretions through the seminal vesicles which arises from their inflammation.
  3. In case of development of sclerosis of the prostate gland or adenoma.
  4. If the enlarged prostate gland causes bleeding, acute retention of urine outflows, renal failure. The operation is necessary for frequent urination at night which disrupts the quality of life of the patient.
  5. It is necessary if there is a partial blockade of the urethra, as this leads to infections of the urinary tract, bladder disease or the formation of stones in it.
  6. Paradoxical ishuria – involuntary urination with a full or stretched urinary bladder.

The vast majority of men try to hide the disease, remaining with the root of the disease alone. This is unreasonable since concealment of the problem and independent treatment can lead to serious complications in men’s health. Prophylaxis of this illness is simple enough, it is important only to adhere to the correct mode of sleep, wakefulness and nutrition, observe moderation in drinking alcohol, lead a physically active lifestyle, including regular and high-quality sex, exclude stressful situations and often walk outside in the fresh air.

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Yes, prostatitis treatment is a long process but it is necessary to start it as soon as possible.