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Questions about Yasmin



The contraceptive pills Yasmin have anti-androgenic effect. This means that they reduce the effect of the male sex hormones (androgens) which are a frequent cause of oily skin and acne. Therefore, Yasmin may have a cosmetic effect – eliminate or at least attenuate the acne. Its taking to achieve a cosmetic effect is admissible since the age of 14 (unless it is contraindicated by a physician). It also helps to eliminate pain during (or just before) periods. Unlike some other OC it does not retain water in the body so when administered it does not increase the weight of women. Most of women want to know answer on some questions about Yasmin.

How to start take it?

You can start taking on the first day of the menstrual cycle (first day of the periods) or on the first Sunday after the onset of menstruation. After the first tablets periods may cease or become less abundant than usual. This is normal and is due to the influence of hormones. In the first months of receiving you may experience some bloody excretion. It is also normal. Reception of pills is carried out every day at about the same hour. Taking tablets can be independent of food intake. Tablets are advisable to drink in the order specified on the package. This is to ensure that you do not mess up.

Cases when skipping pills Yasmin?

After the end of one of the blister the next day you should drink the first pill from the next blister. Nobody makes breaks between the blisters. Menstruation usually begins at 27-28 tablets from the packaging. Reception of the new packaging should be started even if your period has not started yet or has not finished yet.

When will the effect of Yasmin start?

You do not need to use condoms because work of these pills begins on the first day (in case if you take them from the beginning of the cycle). Otherwise, the likelihood of becoming pregnant is present within 7 days.

What if I just gave a birth to a baby?

You can start receiving on 21 or 28 days after birth. Thus it is necessary additionally be protected extra 7 days. First of all those pills are banned in case if you are still breastfeeding but if within a month you have had unprotected sex then doctors advise to exclude the possibility of pregnancy before use.

What to do in skipping pills Yasmin?

Just throw the pill for not to accidentally extend reception of placebo of pills and continue to receive according to plan. If you are late with taking for more than 12 hours (that is, after taking the last pills has passed more than 36 hours or Yasmin 7 day break) the contraceptive effect of pills may be reduced. If the very first package you started taking on the first day of periods then discard the current packaging and start from the new package with the first pills on the same day as soon as remembered skipping.

If the very first package you started taking with the nearest Sunday after the onset of periods then continue to drink one tablet a day until next Sunday and then discard the current package and from Sunday begin a new pack with the first pills. This month is possible that you cannot have “periods” – this is normal. If periods will be absent for 2 consecutive months, consult a gynecologist to exclude a possible pregnancy. If you are not sure what to do in your situation, in any case, use additional resources of contraception as long as you consult with your doctor. In 1-2 days after missing of pills you may appear blurred excretion or breakthrough bleeding like a periods. This is not harmful and is due to omissions of taking Yasmin. Continue to drink tablets according to the instructions and release will cease.

What if I drank few pills in one day?

Reception of 2 to pills in a day is not dangerous. Simultaneous administration of 3 tablets could lead to overdose symptoms but in general is not dangerous.

Yasmin and other drugs:

The effect of the drug can be reduced if you also take next medications: antibiotics from the group of Penicillins, Tetracyclines (Doxycycline and others) or Rifampicin, Phenobarbital, anticonvulsant drugs for epilepsy (Phenytoin, Carbamazepine), Griseofulvin, preparations containing St. John’s wort and others.

Reduced effectiveness of medicine while taking these drugs can cause the appearance of blurred excretion or conversely if you are taking active tablets. It is not dangerous and you need to continue taking Yasmin on the normal schedule. The whole period of treatment and 7 days after the end use additional means of contraception.

Yasmin and alcohol:

Small doses of alcohol do not reduce the effectiveness of medicine tablets. Nevertheless, the allowable dose of alcoholic beverages depends on your age, weight, metabolism and other factors. On average while taking medicine is allowed to drink no more than 50ml of vodka, 200ml of wine or 400ml of beer. If you drink more than that then use also condoms for another week after drinking.

Note: If in the previous month you had vomiting, diarrhea, you have taken large amounts of alcohol or taking drugs that may reduce the effectiveness of medication you should see a doctor to exclude a possible pregnancy.

What if I am pregnant?

If it is confirmed, then immediately stop taking medication and consult a gynecologist. If you are planning continue the pregnancy, then at the first possibility start taking folic acid. Reception of pills in early pregnancy cannot cause fetal abnormalities and will not affect the future health of the child. So you can safely leave pregnancy emerged so unexpectedly.

Reception of tablets before surgery:

If you have a surgery (for any reason) then you must stop taking this drug 4 weeks before it. This is done in order to eliminate the risk of blood clots. If is needed urgent surgery be sure to tell your anesthesiologist or surgeon that you are taking birth control pills. In this case the doctor will take further measures to reduce all the risks. To resume the reception of this drug it will be possible in 2 weeks after you will be able to move independently.

How often should I visit the gynecologist?

Even if nothing bothers you because it is the best birth control pill then it is necessary to preventively visit the gynecologist at least once a year. When you have complaints or side effects then you should contact a gynecologist at the first possibility.

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