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Quitting smoking is beneficial for potency

Quitting smoking is beneficial for potency
Quitting smoking is beneficial for potency

Quitting smoking is beneficial for potency

Problems with potency among smokers are a typical phenomenon. Long-term tobacco use leads to various malfunctions of sexual function in men: absence of erection or decreased attraction to the opposite sex, etc. As a result, all these lead to the signs of impotence.

The reproductive system of the human organism suffers from smoking just as much as the respiratory system and the heart. Correct operation of the reproductive system is based on the saturation of the prostate and the sexual member with oxygen. When you smoke, the amount of oxygen in the blood becomes much smaller —bronchial tubes and lungs are clogged, the heart is not working properly, etc. There are cases when people quit smoking and consequently improved potency — this is a normal reaction to the rejection of harmful substances.

Narcotic and other toxic substances contained in cigarettes lead to a decrease in the quality of the blood vessels. As a result, the blood circulates in an organism not as it supposed to do, not fully. And if you consider the fact that the erection is based on a constant blood filling of the cavernous bodies — do not be surprised by problems arising with the process of smoking. Erectile dysfunction is a logical consequence of careless attitude to health.

Give up smoking — improve potency instantly!

For those who are interested in what happens to the body when a smoker gives up the harmful habit, we will answer: the organism is restored, and this process looks something like this (keep in mind that in different people this process can differ slightly):

  • After 20 minutes: starts the recovery process, pulse and blood pressure gradually return to normal
  • 8 hours: blood circulation is greatly improved, normal body temperature is restored
  • 24 hours: the carbon monoxide level in the blood is completely returns to normal, lungs are cleansed from the mucus and toxic agents
  • 72 hours: the bronchial tubes are less strained, the breathing process is improved, blood clotting reaches normal parameters
  • From 2 to 3 months: lung capacity is increased by 30%. Blood vessels and nervous system (minimum susceptibility to stress) are completely restored, you may feel strong appetite, but you can sleep a sound sleep
  • 9 month: almost complete recovery of the whole organism, it is possible the temptation to return to smoking
  • 1 year: physical activities without restriction; risk of illnesses caused by smoking is reduced by 90%

The man who noticed that when he quit smoking, potency became much stronger feels more confident and healthy. Activating of the personal life is a direct consequence of the refusal of the tobacco. Therefore, wives who notice sexual dysfunction in their husbands should first of all start to fight with the spouse’s harmful habits. The sooner you do it the better. Long-term tobacco use can lead to health problems, solving which is not always possible. Having quit smoking, the man needs to take care of his health and closely monitor the saturation of the body with oxygen. Sport activities and long walks in the fresh air will help not only to escape from addiction, but also to normalize the proper functioning of all systems of the organism much faster.

Quitting smoking is useful for sexual intimacy

Nature cannot remain on the sidelines when a person mocks on his genes. Each smoker stands in the queue for impotence. But those who do not smoke feels a lot better, work of their organs is much more active, the same applies to the penis. A heavy smoker after 40 years, can say goodbye to his potency, and even in some cases, it can happen, and at an earlier age. Naturally, nonsmoking man easily escapes all these problems. A young man in his heyday doesn’t take seriously this information and refuses to believe in the irreversible processes, and therefore doesn’t want to give up his addiction.

Quitting smoking is an essential condition for all men who want to feel strong and sexually active.

What to do when you refuse from this addiction?

Personal hygiene is very important in the treatment of low potency due to smoking. During withdrawal from nicotine various harmful substances leave the organism inter alia, through the skin. Regularly take a shower during this period of time; it will help to normalize the functioning of the body. Otherwise, the process will take much longer. In some cases there may occur various skin infections — because of the abundance of harmful substances on the skin surface. In advanced cases, there is blood poisoning, especially in people with thin skin when blood vessels are close to the surface.

Many people avoid chronic diseases of the prostate and erectile dysfunction. Quit smoking and you’ll achieve the same success. However, the return to smoking will return all of the symptoms back. Treatment of the problems associated with the human reproductive system is a complex matter and requires careful monitoring by an experienced doctor. Services of such specialists are not cheap. Therefore, if you do not want to suffer from the constant examinations in the hospital — pay attention to even the smallest signs as early as possible. And do not delay the solution of such problems — every day condition of the organism of the smoker is only getting worse.

Potency improvement after smoking takes different period of time for different people; it all depends on the characteristics of the organism. The average term makes six months. Experts believe that it depends on for how long the smoker has been addicted to this habit and how many cigarettes he smoked per day. For example, a smoker with five years of experience in the recovery may need a few months for full recovery, but after twenty years of smoking, the restoration can take three times longer.

Another important aspect that you need to keep in mind: during numerous interviews it was found that non-smokers compared to smokers are more attractive to potential partners.

Is giving up smoking a difficult task?

Quitting smoking is usually fraught with problems. Withdrawal symptoms are very common in the first month after quitting. It is accompanied by symptoms such as fatigue, decreased concentration, irritability, increased appetite and weight gain — because of these “pleasures” of the withdrawal period most of the people trying to give up smoking, return to cigarettes. Unfortunately, the withdrawal period for smoking cessation is inevitable. Nicotine binds to certain receptors in the brain, causing the release of adrenaline and increasing the concentration of dopamine (“pleasure hormone”). Systematic contact with the nicotine in the blood leads to the fact that our body adapts to the constant presence of the drug and happen hormonal changes. In this case do not feel embarrassed to ask for medical help, you’re not the only person on the planet that isn’t able to quit this harmful habit independently. There are many medicines invented for purpose of helping with smoking cessation. Among others — Wellbutrin Sr. But with the doctor make sure that this medicine is safe for you. After that, look for Wellbutrin Sr online in online pharmacies or in traditional drugstores. But remember that no one drug is able to make you quit smoking without a strong motivation and lifestyle changes.

Making the decision to stop smoking, it is better to admit honestly that nicotine is a drug and our willpower may not be enough to stop smoking. A remarkable improvement in potency would be a great incentive to quit smoking!

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