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Reasons why men finish too quickly

Reasons why men finish too quickly
Reasons why men finish too quickly

Reasons why men finish too quickly

What can be done and what are the reasons?

From premature ejaculation suffer from a quarter to a third of all men. Apparently, not considering this state as an illness to the doctor with this problem is turning just a few of them. Definitely this problem can be considered that if it comes before intercourse. However, the rules on the length of the friction period still have not been determined.

Because here we are talking about sex the concept of the norm is very conditional. There are, however, in determining the classification of diseases where it is characterized as the inability to control ejaculation to the extent that is necessary to achieve the satisfaction for both partners from sexual intercourse. However, this is a very vague definition, especially in view of the fact that in vaginal sex many women do not get an orgasm ever especially without foreplay. Thus, in terms of terminology unsettled overearly ejaculation should assume a state in which it occurs either before or immediately after the introduction of the penis.

Some find in the process psychological underpinnings, however, if this is the case then not always. Indeed, often it can be seen in just beginning sexual activity of young men and here actually take place psychological reasons why men finish quickly because very excited teens are also very nervous. For example the first sex with the girl can cause a feeling of fear. There are fears that she will change her mind, that will not work … Because of this the bouquet of feelings very quickly increases the tension in the crust and the threshold level is reached fairly quickly. Result is the rapid ejaculation.

For experienced men reasons why men finish quickly mostly are physiological. For example, the head of the penis can be overly sensitive and this can be from birth but may be the result of urological pathologies. However, even a slight irritation provokes ejaculation and as a result of sexual intercourse does not bring complete satisfaction to both. Other causes may be inflammatory diseases such as inflammation of the seminal vesicles, prostatitis and an inflammation of the spermatic hill. This is due to an increase in the sensitivity of the walls of the seminal vesicles which store the sperm in inflammation. In this case, the wall is easy to cut and even with a slight sexual arousal there is a stronger erection.

For men with little sexual experience are more common mental reasons. At the same time until ejaculation varies considerably based on the situation, a particular lady and just for unknown reasons from case to case. In an excessive sensitivity of the head the situation is different, there is the duration of sexual intercourse is relatively constant magnitude and with experience in sexual activity does not increase. Thus prior to the introduction of the penis it does not occur only when there is contact with its head. In man that before did not have potency problems in the genital area this illness can occur in inflammatory diseases. If we consider that in this case it is accompanied by pain and pleasure of sex is lost – it can lead to ED problem in men for psychological reasons.

Of course there is a question how to cope with it and men starts to try everything but they should know that Levitra for premature ejaculation is not effective and there is another best drug for premature ejaculation – Dapoxetine. The correct preparation will certainly increase libido, enhance sexual performance of men; eliminate the reason why men finish quickly. Observance of the correct mode of the day, absence of bad habits along with alternative medicine provides a successful treatment of any problem.

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