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Sex addiction
Sex addiction

Sex addiction

It was in our time that this topic was publicized and became the subject of discussion. And if sex addiction in men it is more physiological character then for women this is more psychological problem. After all, its main factor is a departure from reality, a fixation on certain experiences. Women who are addicted to sex experience a real “withdrawal” in case if they do not have the way to satisfy their need.

Doctors say that a person is sick with sex addiction when sex becomes the dominant part of his life. Dreams, thoughts, conversations, reading, movies, let alone relationships are all just about IT. As in the case of shopaholism or game addiction, sexually-dependent people are characterized by a manic-obsessive behavior and way of thinking. At the same time, interest in other people, including colleagues and loved ones, manifests itself or does not manifest itself only depending on whether they represent these people as sexual objects or not.

Like any other, sex addiction is accompanied by the release of hormones of joy and happiness which encourages people to behave more and more intrusively, risky and often – illegally and perversely. (It should nevertheless be noted that not all sexually dependent people fall under the category of sexual perverts or maniacs). Impossibility to realize their increasingly burgeoning sexual fantasies often leads to aggression, sharp changes in mood, depression, in general, to a standard “withdrawal”.

Psychiatrists identify 12 patterns of behavior that are often associated with sex addiction:

1. Obsessive masturbation (by the way, in the opinion of the urologist andrologist, masturbation in no way replaces the sexual act and is extremely harmful in case of excessive enthusiasm).

2. Numerous sexual relations and extramarital sexual relations.

3. Unintelligibility in sexual partners, frequent “one night” relationships.

4. Obsessive use and watching of pornographic materials.

5. Sex with unfamiliar partners without using condoms and other means of contraception and protection from STDs.

6. Phone sex, constant “hang” on sexual forums on the Internet and social networks.

7. Frequent use of prostitutes or gigolo.

8. Exhibitionism.

9. Obsessions through electronic and ordinary dating services.

10. Watching other people’s sex.

11. Sexual harassment.

12. Propensity to sexual violence and harassment of a sexual nature.

If a person’s behavior satisfies at least four of the above signs then he is highly likely to have a sex addiction.

How to treat sex addiction?

Not every men is ready to agree that he has this problem. Unfortunately, very often only a strong shock can cause the patient to understand that he is sick. The diagnosis is still not recognized anywhere in the world as official. But many clinics or Anonymous Groups gladly provide services to cure this ailment which work on the same 12 steps of release that are calculated on alcoholics. It’s rumored that it’s rather difficult to get into these groups. And how is this effective? Any person can get rid of sex addiction independently, if, of course, he really wants it. It’s not for nothing that modern doctors seriously take it for granted – it’s all in our head. So, three simple steps:

Step 1: Analyze. Think about the past, look for the reasons of your problem. Do not be afraid to look at what you were trying to forget, right in the eyes.

Step 2: Change yourself. Quite often, sex addiction occurs when a person does not know how to establish personal contacts differently. And there comes a kind of obsession when sex becomes an idol, the goal of life, as if for the technique of seduction you can hide all your complexes. You will be surprised but in fact many macho and pick-up masters are terribly insecure individuals who simply cannot maintain long-term relationships. And their bitter experience in this is evidence.

That’s just over this and should work to get rid of sex addiction. For this, today there are a lot of psychological trainings, author schools and videos, excellent books by the type of Gary Champion Five Love Languages and Love as a Life Style.

Step 3: Fill your life. And, finally, after a thorough analysis and implementation of certain steps towards self-development and change you need to think about filling your life. If it has enough time for frequent sex or BDMS games then this time needs to take something else. Having ceased to make an idol out of sexual relations and stopping sacrificing your own life to this sacrifice, give freedom to your dreams: finally, become a favorite thing, start a strong family, decide to have a child, open your own business.

Various psychotherapeutic programs and methods are used to treat sex addiction. The best results are given by group sessions, ideally if people close to the patient can participate in such groups. In severe cases, with obsessive sexual behavior, doctors use strong antidepressant, for example, Wellbutrin as it is effective in treating such addiction as smoking about which you can read in “Stop smoking with Wellbutrin Sr”. It is important, however, to know that unlike the treatment of any other addiction, alcoholism, gambling and other heavy addictions, in this case, doctors do not require the patient to completely “tie” with the sexual life. And this is what inspires optimism!

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I’m wondering if there are any medications for sex addiction that can help in, for example, a week? or it is a long process?