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Probably many of you have faced with the term “depression” when the mood is not just bad but terrible, when everything collapses in your hands, you do not want to do anything but just lie in the bed.

This is one of the most common mental disorders in our time from which suffers about 20% of the population of all ages in the world. The only encouraging thing that makes us happy in this situation is that depression is treated!

Antidepressants are a medication whose primary purpose is to prevent or at least alleviate depression.

Mechanism of human exposure.

How do they work in the human body? Without going into medical terms and details we can say that in the human brain happens a huge amount of communication between nerve cells. If the person is suffering from depression then it is a violation of brain mechanism for transferring information from one cell to another which is responsible for a chemical mediator.

Antidepressants task is to adjust the concentration of neurotransmitters in the brain and to correct the work of certain mechanisms of the brain.

Myths and Reality

It is believed that they can be harmful to the body including the brain. They may have problems with the psyche; they are dangerous because of addiction. In addition, treatment with antidepressants is a sign of weakness of human nature. Is it true?

Current drugs for depression regardless of treatment duration are not addictive but only help the body to recover. Their method can be terminated at any time without harm to health.

It is necessary to realize that depression is not just a whim: if you want – you’re ill and if you want – cured. Although, of course, a lot depends on the person, his/her desire to recover and return to normal life but it is a disease that must be treated in the same way as hypertension or cholecystitis and not to ignore it. Today in many developed countries such as the US more than a third part of the population take psychotropic drugs.

For many people these drugs are literally a panacea and a person who tried unsuccessfully to get rid of their own depression for a long time reborn to life. It should also be realized that antidepressants are not always able to cure depression but they can significantly reduce mental suffering.

It is important to choose the right antidepressant and it is also not easy to do. The doctor may prescribe few medications and then find the most effective of them.

Many antidepressants begin to act not immediately but after a few weeks, if not months, so if a positive result obtained not immediately then do not fall into even more deep “depression” – sometimes you need patience.

Of course, antidepressants indispensable in the weakening of symptoms of depression, they can instill a sense of calm and stability. But they wisely prescribed in combination with other effective methods which are known for all the people but not everybody can use them (physical activity). It is an insidious and serious illness that takes away the desire and strength even in such simple and accessible way.