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The relationship between man and woman, over time, become calm and predictable. Every night is similar to the previous, a series of endless days. To make life more diverse can help aphrodisiacs. What is it and how does it work?

Aphrodisiacs are food and drinks that can cause or increase sexual desire (libido). Products that affect libido contain a variety of trace elements and vitamins, have high nutritional value. They restore strength and contribute to the development of sex hormones. Some of them act simply: increase sensitivity the genitals and intensify inflow of blood to them.

A clear and generally accepted classification of aphrodisiacs do not exist, they could be divided into categories only very approximately.

The first group comprises products with the legendary reputation. Everyone knows, for instance, sexual accomplishments of rabbits. It is believed that the extraction of the genitals of rabbits must have corresponding properties. The same applies, for example, to goats. And bull testicles are still a fixture of Mexican food, they even added to cocktails.

The second group comprises products with similar physiological effect. Chile, curry and other spices make the heart rhythm more frequent, increase sweating. The same things take place during sexual arousal.

The third group — the “mysterious and mystical products”. A classic example is chocolate. Ever since this delicious desert became public, it has been attributed with various curative properties, including aphrodisiacal.

The fourth group could be described as by «the image and likeness”. Many people believe that if the object’s appearance resembles genitalia, it should enhance sexual function. Rhino horn is the classic “male” version, oysters — the classic “female”. But the most famous aphrodisiac in this group is the root of ginseng.

Why do aphrodisiacs work? These products have a mild stimulating effect. They act as a tonic, helping to restore the lost, due to one or another reason, forces. As a consequence, restored normal functioning of the whole body promotes renewing and strengthening of libido.

It is incorrectly to assume that aphrodisiacs have a pronounced arousing effect that cannot be controlled and which can fully bring people out of balance. A human being is a complex interweaving of the features of the organism, temperament, mind, will, and other characteristics that somehow control all processes in the body, including sexual desire. So the more accurate statement would be that aphrodisiacs can only enhance arousal and attraction, but certainly not to create it “from scratch”.