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How can you be protected from the pregnancy especially if you don't want it? This urgent issue concerns all women. Everybody very well knows that the interruption of pregnancy through abortion brings a woman's body irreparable harm. Buy Birth control pills inhibit ovulation and change the lining of the uterus structure. This eliminates the likelihood of implantation even in the case where is still happened fertilization. That is, birth control pills in the form of tablets have a very high level of protection against unplanned pregnancy. For this reason these tablets are the most reliable method of contraception.

Many women are concerned about the question of whether is it possible to get pregnant after taking pills especially hormonal drugs. Such fears are groundless as all the changes that occur in the body of a woman are completely reversible and after discontinuation of oral medications they disappear. In addition, methods of contraception such as the pill have a very "positive" side effect – after their receiving substantially all of the women noted improvement in nail, skin and hair.

Sometimes a gynecologist can prescribe birth control pills to women with the purpose of treatment to correct hormonal disorders. We must remember that to choose hormonal agents is very dangerous. To assign hormonal contraceptives for a woman can only a gynecologist. After all choosing the really effective methods for you it takes into account all the individual characteristics of the female organism.

You can identify some advantages of hormonal pills

1. The use of tablets is able to improve the condition of hair and skin, to treat many different diseases of the skin which are associated with a hormonal disorder.

2. This is a very good prevention in the future occurrence of such severe complications such as ectopic pregnancy.

3. For those women who take hormonal tablets reduced risk of osteoporosis and this is very important. Since the disease occurs in about half of the women. It should also pay attention to it, in choosing pills after thirty-five years.

4. It greatly reduces the risk of possible tumor diseases as indicated therapeutic effect. For example, among women who used hormonal birth control pills at such disease as fibroids a condition greatly improved and some women were cured completely.

5. Those women much less likely suffer from possible diseases of inflammation of the reproductive system.

6. Hormonal contraceptive method is almost entirely eliminated women premenstrual syndrome and painful physical sensations during menstruation.

7. Hormonal methods of contraception can protect women from the disease, which often occurs – iron deficiency anemia.

8. For those women who have irregular menstrual cycle, it is stabilized.

Hesitating to use oral contraceptives a woman wants to know what percentage of their effectiveness. Pregnancy cannot be excluded by 100% for any method, including OCs. Getting pregnant is possible if you miss a pill, drank it at the wrong time you need, used expired contraceptives. If vomiting occurs or with other medicines have been taken with oral contraceptives the chances of pregnancy are also increased.

Also hormonal birth control is used for replacement therapy in menopausal and post-menopausal which is characterized by reduction of releasing hormone level by the ovaries. In the pathological course of menopause which occurs in 50% of women and accompanied by disturbances of the nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems, hormonal therapy is necessary.

Disputes of ordinary women about birth control pills probably will not soon fade away bacause there are too many of those who consider any hormones absolute evil. Of course it is not and millions of women around the world successfully take OC for years. However, it should be understood that this is primarily a drug – you cannot start drinking pills without consulting a doctor and taking the OC is necessary to strictly follow the rules of admission.