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Depression is a disease that is dangerous not only for its occurrence but also the consequences. It affects almost the entire body and in turn affected organs can provoke many diseases.

It leads to diabetes in about 60% of cases. Doctors explained that between the diseases there is a genetic link.

Experts were involved in the research and examined 160 thousand pairs of twins. In their example it was found that the main cause of the risk of diabetes after a prolonged depression is not a way of life and a banal accident, as previously thought, but a genetic link.

Men more often exposed to diseases. Two diseases affect them approximately in 87% of cases. Women have to fight with a genetic predisposition little less – in 75% of cases. The possibility of developing depression and after that diabetes is generally for men and women 60%. A feedback from the doctor’s opinions usually occurs less often – in about 15% of cases.

This ailment can increase the chance of heart disease by 40%. The basis of research was the data of 10-years analyzes. Doctors have used the database containing information on body weight, bad habits, disease, way of life and activity.

For 10 years heart failure was formed in 1500 patients. In the cases of small symptoms of illness develop depression by 5% more. In the acute form of the disease the probability of heart failure was increased by 40%.

Mental health problems contribute to the synthesis of stress hormones increasing blood pressure and pulse, in parallel with atherosclerosis can develop inflammation. These factors cause heart ailments. People with depression often do not care about health and are contemptuous of the recommendations of doctors.

Pain in the back; it turns out that there is a direct link between these different concepts.

Eleven public opinion polls; 23 thousand volunteers; processed the data was found that risk of developing pain in the back is increased by about sixty percent if it is related to depressive state.

The treatment helps to reduce cortisol levels (a stress hormone) in the blood and control weight at the early stages.

Although scientists already know that depression and cortisol are related to obesity, they could not understand the biological mechanism of action of the interconnected system. The researchers can not yet say for sure why cortisol stimulates the emergence of excess weight only for women, but they suggest that the reason for this could be the difference in the use of methods of dealing with stress.

After all, under the pressure of depression many women no longer take care of their diet; eat fast food, pastry, chocolate and other nonuseful products. In addition, in the stressful situation women have an increased content of estrogen which can lead to excess weight.

To confirm their theory the researchers invited 111 men and women. Experts have tried to identify the main symptoms of the subjects as well as their weight, the level of cortisol in saliva before and after a certain stressful situations. Although analysis showed the same level of cortisol in the saliva of men and women but a high level of stress hormone provoked the emergence of excess weight only at women.

Middle-aged women who suffer from depression are more than twice as much at risk of becoming victims of stroke than their mentally healthy coevals.

For 12 years continued research which involved more than 10 thousand women aged 47 to 52 years old. As a result, it was found that depression in women during middle age can increase the risk of heart attack so it is a risk factor for severe disease.