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Depression is a mental sickness that strikes the humankind more and more and now ranks almost a third place in prevalence among all ailments. Almost 75% of the inhabitants of the planet at least once in the life faced with this scourge.

How to identify the “century’s sickness”?

It is primarily a mood disorder where prevail frustration and sadness. A person is not able to always be in a good mood especially if he or she is undergoing a painful loss and failure. So sometimes it’s quite complicated to understand when depression has begun. You should ask yourself: do I have any desires, can I laugh and be happy, be optimistic about the future, feel the life? A negative response to these questions gives grounds to think about a possible depression. Of course, this state does not last a day or two, but at least a week. The sickness can also have completely physiological manifestations: weakness, lack of strength, reluctance to do something. The simplest business seems insurmountable and small problems — as huge as an elephant. It is extremely difficult to make decisions, tormenting unwarranted guilt. Ill with despondency find it very difficult wake up and get up out of bed, although some, conversely, may they insomnia and wake up very early. In case of severe depression can appear suicidal thoughts, aimlessness of life. This is a very dangerous moment when, the sick needs to go to a specialist.

Depression may not have notable, apparent reasons, or can be caused by various factors. The most common causes of depression are traumatic situations, quarrels with family, divorce, conflicts at work, serious financial difficulties, violation of life goals and plans, career collapse, separation from loved ones, loneliness.

To progression of depression may contribute somatic disorders, cancer, multiple sclerosis, stroke, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction and systemic lupus, erythematosus and heart attack, renal and hepatic pathology and so on. In some cases, the reason of depression is a hereditary factor.

First of all, you should know that depression itself is unlikely to pass. People need to remember that depression is a sickness, not just a bad mood. It needs to be treated.

Depression is easily healed in the early stages, as well as any other disease. The earlier the specialist diagnoses it and prescribes the treatment, the faster the recovery will come.

Modern approach to the cure of depression includes a range of various biological and physiological methods. Biological method involves both medication and other treatments. The sick should obey all orders of the specialist, adhere to therapy and regularly visit the physician. Do not be ashamed of these visits, because they can really help. Medical treatment is usually an integral part of the healing. To cure this disorder psychologists use antidepressants. Many consider psychotropic substances dangerous and avoid taking them even if necessary. However, the antidepressants of new generation are much better tolerated by patients, have virtually no side effects and are safe. Supplementary to medicines also apply psychotherapy. This technique involves the active role of the patients during the healing. The specialist teaches the sick to cope with their feelings without falling into depression. Psychotherapy shows excellent results in the cure of depression. Its most effective methods are: psychodynamic, behavioral and cognitive therapy.