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Erectile dysfunction test

Erectile dysfunction test

Given the modern rhythm of life, many men, sooner or later, face a certain penis standing problem that can arise for various reasons. And it is very important to identify the deviation in a timely manner. After all, only with…
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According to research by major pharmaceutical companies, every day thousands of men completely refuse to have sex, thinking that erectile dysfunction and urinary problems in prostate cancer is forever and cannot be cured!

Statistics also reports that ED disease affects 52% of men starting from a young age and half of the divorces are related to sexual dissatisfaction.

Men, you should know that any kind of ED is curable! But you should know that the earlier you contact the person the easier it will be to cope with the disease.

What is early? It is any discomfort during urination.

Every man over 45 years old must undergo a special inspection at urologist of a prostate and donate blood for PSA marker oncology.

If you look at statistics you will see that every 2nd man is faced with the problem of the prostate gland. But most of them are embarrassed to go to the hospital.

Men, like women, have a transition stage – it occurs when testosterone is reduced. This has a direct impact on men’s health; the risk of prostate adenoma arises.

Only after ascertaining of the causes of ED is possible to start the necessary treatment.

Of course the most effective treatment is medication which can be selected according to your symptoms and after a course can you can completely get rid of the problem.

But do not rely only on treatment. You must also change the style of your life; be sure to give up bad and harmful habits. Thanks to this comprehensive treatment you have a chance to recover.

Prevention and treatment:

Strengthen your immune system;
Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. It is a constant flow of toxins that you voluntarily upload to your body;
Avoid junk food;
Eat natural food;
Maintain a healthy, active lifestyle;
Eat high-quality protein, which is responsible for muscle mass and building material of each cell. Do not use a sports protein because it impairs the liver, kidneys and excretory system.

Be healthy!