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Not all drugs are easy to buy taking into account their high cost. Science does not stand still; humanity seeks ways out of any situation. One of the inventions that help not to refuse from the treatment because of such aspect as the high price it is generics.

What is a generic drug? This is medicament that has the identical operating compounds, strength and form of release, i.e. a copy of the authentic brand. A necessary demand for the trade of generics is their verified pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic sameness to the original.

The major cause for the low cost of these products is that their manufacturing is significantly inexpensive. Generic manufacturers do not waste money on:

Study and improvement of preparation
Getting a certificate confirming the safety and effectiveness of medicines
The lack of expenses on advertising and marketing
Before a new pharmaceutical item is launched on the market, it must pass various tests and compulsory registration. It can be a valid from 10 to 25 years. This particular medicinal item may sell only the company that has rights on it — patent. No one else can produce this preparation. If the term of the license has not expired, and someone produced the same drug, it is considered unlawful. When the medicament’s license expires, the main operating component could be used by any company for the production of the new preparations. Generics are the medications that are released after the expiry of the license.

If we consider generics drugs, we can see that almost every pharmaceutical product has a cheaper analogue. Very often, in the appointment of long term care that includes a number of remedies, the sick has nothing left to do but to buy an unoriginal product.

Although they are not original products, to them also presented strict demands:

Generics must comply with the ratio of active pharmaceutical substances in the product, their qualitative and quantitative indicators
It is necessary for generic to meet needed established standards
It must be produced under conditions of decent manufacturing practice
Generics should be equivalent to the original for the rate of absorption
Let us consider positive aspects of generics, as there are many of them. Namely:

Low prices
They give a possibility to heal the poor
Modern generics are of good quality
They expand the possibilities in healing for both physician and the sick person