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How to treat osteoporosis caused by menopause?

How to treat osteoporosis caused by menopause

Osteoporosis generally occurs because of such reason as the reduced production of estrogens during menopause. It is known that hormones directly affect the condition of the bone metabolism and their lack is bone loss. In childhood bone mass increases reaching…
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13 myths about contraception

13 myths about contraception

Options of contraception even now are wrapped in illusions and uncertainty because many women are ashamed to talk about them with gynecologists. A modern woman should have a clear and correct understanding of birth control in order not to pay…
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Chemistry of Love: why do we attract each other?

Chemistry of Love: why do we attract each other

We naively believe that independently make decisions to show interest to someone, and reject others, to unite our life with our loved one. Sex Hormones (androgens) play a crucial role in love, sympathy and sexual excitement among people. Women`s attractiveness…
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Why Does The Penis stand erect every morning?


Morning erection is a good sign for all men. It ensures that both internal and external organs of the reproductive system function properly together. An involuntary erection is the final stage of the normal sleep cycle. If morning erection does…
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Under the supervision of hormones occur all stages of growing of the organism since its inception till old age and all the essential processes of life. Hormones are called biologically active substances allocated by endocrine glands or accumulations of specialized cells and providing targeted influence on different organs and tissues.

 Generally, there are two types of control of vital activity: nervous and hormonal. Hormonal coordination provides process management through fluids. The value of these substances is hard to overestimate, due to insulin, for example, glucose splits and infringement of the pancreas and stopping of its normal secretion leads to a severe illness — diabetes. One more hormone, adrenaline, in moments of danger or severe agitation is released into the blood and provokes strengthening of concentration and attention, however, has a side effect — heart palpitations. Endorphins are considered as “happiness hormones” under their influence we have positive emotions. And estrogen and testosterone, responsible for sexual identity, provides men and females with their typical sex features. Hormones are characterized by specificity, meaning that each hormone performs a distinct function.

The regulatory role of these biologically active substances is closely connected with the processes of the nervous regulation. Often the allotment of a hormone begins after the nervous system transmits to the brain info about any stimulation; therefore, irritation of the receptors of the tongue provokes the production of insulin, info about the danger is forcing the brain to speed up the production of adrenaline, sexual arousal testosterone (estrogen) and endorphins and so on.

Hormonal background violation is closely linked to aging, cancer and other ailments. Many factors can alter the hormonal shift. Sometimes it occurs due to the genetic predisposition. Provoke the failure may previously bygone infectious illnesses: angina, acute respiratory infections and others. There is a high probability that endocrine violations, traumas of reproductive organs and abdomen also trigger breach of hormonal background. Also it may occur after a surgery. Signs of hormonal infringements include:

Weight reduction with good appetite
Increased sweating
Tremor of hands
Itching and a dermal eruption
Sharp set of weight
Severe mood swings
With insufficient or excessive production of some hormones the well being and mental state of a person is exposed to a grave danger. Therefore, at the first suspicion that the hormonal failure occurred, you need to see a physician. He or she will prescribe tests that will find the amount of hormones.