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Have you heard about the best potency pills?

Have you heard about the best potency pills

Have you heard about the best potency pills? Which tablets for penis standing are the most effective and fast? This question is popular among men suffering from ED, unstable erection or decreased libido. Nowadays, medicines of synthetic origin are often…
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Alcohol and ED pills

Alcohol and ED pills

Even the ancient people were aware of how alcohol influences sexual abilities. Ethyl alcohol, a harmful substance contained in boose, adversely affects all human organs and their work. And our reproductive system is no exception. But combination of alcohol and…
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What is Red Viagra?

What is Red Viagra

Red Viagra is a drug containing 150 mg of Sildenafil Citrate, the active ingredient of famous blue triangle pill Viagra but by 50% more. Since the invention Sildenafil has helped millions of men to forget about impotence and become confident…
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What can bring greater pleasure in life than an intimate relationship with the woman! But what to do if due to a variety of reasons you cannot complete a bright sex or psyche cannot stand too exciting situations and at the crucial moment of masculine strength shames you? To solve your problems in sexual life we offer to buy Levitra.

If erectile dysfunction arise because of too much excitement you just want to insure against failure or suffering from chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver, or some other, then for you will be quite enough a reduced dose of Levitra – 10 mg. If ED is the persistent problems and you do not have other serious diseases then it is better to buy the drug Levitra which contains a unit dose of the active substance – 20 mg. It provides a quality erection in the most severe cases of erectile disorders, increases sensations during orgasm and caresses, increases orgasm and intensity.

Thus, such a formulation is suitable for use in all situations. Before its admission it is possible to afford to enjoy the wine, delicious food and forget about the failure in sex for the whole night. But using Vardenafil is not worth to expect that it significantly prolong sexual intercourse. To prolong intercourse pharmacology provides a means based on Dapoxetine.

Generic Levitra regulates in the male body production of two substances that directly affect the processes of emergence and disappearance of erection. These substances are: nitric oxide and fifth type phosphodiesterase enzyme. Тitric oxide reduces the tone of blood vessels in the penis causing them to expand and become able to take a large volume of blood. At the same time nitrogen oxide accelerates blood flow. Blood fills the active male sexual organ and lingers there in much larger quantities than usual. So there is a firm erection. The active substance Levitra 20 mg stimulates the production of nitric oxide and the erection becomes harder. Exactly this result all men want to get.

Fifth type of phosphodiesterase provides a reverse process – the disappearance of erection at the end of sexual intercourse. It increases the tone of blood vessels of the penis. By compressing, the walls push blood. To delay this process and make erection more sustainable Generic Levitra inhibits production of the enzyme. The overall result of receiving Levitra 20 mg and all other products containing the active ingredient of Levitra is solid and stable erection that is exactly what cannot reach the man with ED.

Levitra price varies depending on what drugs it is included in: the original or generic. If the properties of the assets issued by the same formula are exactly the same the price is different at times.