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How to treat osteoporosis caused by menopause?

How to treat osteoporosis caused by menopause

Osteoporosis generally occurs because of such reason as the reduced production of estrogens during menopause. It is known that hormones directly affect the condition of the bone metabolism and their lack is bone loss. In childhood bone mass increases reaching…
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Female organism is arranged in a way that for the childbearing she has a specific age. And eventually the organism begins to produce smaller levels of hormones, the normal course of the menstrual cycle changes and then begins so- called menopause, when childbirth is impossible.

Basically, menopause and climax are synonymous. But from the standpoint gynecologists, menopause is one of the stages of climacteric period. The word «menopause» means the last menstrual period, which took place a year ago. The approximate age of oncoming of climax varies between 48-52 years. Time of oncoming of menopause is quite difficult to predict, but this process is influenced by several factors:

Number of births and abortions
Chronic somatic diseases
Gynecological surgeries in medical history
Infectious ailments in puberty
Chemotherapy and much more
The basic feature of climax is the complete halt of production of female copulative hormones, resulting in typical manifestations.

Mood swings, depression
Dryness in the vagina
Decrease in sexual eagerness that could be nearly imperceptible, or, sometimes, be represented by an utter loss of interest in sex
Increased frequency of urination, ailments of the bladder
Dryness of skin, loss of its elasticity, gradual graying, appearance of deep wrinkles
The breast size gets smaller, the appearance of sagging in them
The need for night urination
Dryness in the eyes
For modern gynecology are available various techniques of the healing of climax that focus on decrease and alleviation of its major manifestations. If you encounter topical for menopause symptomatology consult a gynecologist.

As has been said above, the menopause is not pathology but a natural phase in the life of every woman. However, a number of manifestations of this process cause the expressed discomfort. The adequate compensation of hormonal background should be carried out by hormones produced by the ovaries (estrogen, progesterone). Currently, the pharmaceutical industry is able to provide these preparations with high quality.

Treatment conducted by hormonal medicines is called the hormone replacement therapy. The main aim off the ongoing cure is to reduce the severity of menopausal symptoms and the exclusion of the likelihood of complications. Healing with just estrogens or progestogen is possible only if the uterine has been removed. If the uterus is not removed is recommended to use combined hormonal preparations with estrogen and progestogen component.

Among non-hormonal agents for the cure of climax most frequently use:

Selective estrogen receptor modulators this category comprises both synthetic and organic medications. These cures are valid as antagonists (substances with the opposite effect) of estrogen in the breast and the inner shell of the uterus and as agonists (similar action) in the bones and adipose tissue.

Antidepressants are often used to correct perimenopausal mood, improve sleep and memory. Additionally, they have impact on the psycho-emotional changes.