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Anyone who’s at least a bit familiar with human physiology is aware that people put on weight due to excess energy ingested with food. This excess is deposited as subcutaneous fat, which is kind of a rechargeable battery to humans.

The use of high-calorie foods in the absence or with insufficient levels of physical activity almost always leads to excess weight. This process can be greatly extended in time, but is inevitable.

The rate of metabolism is one of two factors that explain why some people put on weight even with low-calorie diet, and some eat a lot and stay slim. Another such factor is the level of physical fitness.

If nutrition is a source of energy, the muscles are consumers. Moreover, even in a state of rest (i.e. sleep) the human organism is spending a small amount of energy to support the work of the lungs, heart and other systems.

Overweight, or in other words, obesity can quite easily be attributed to chronic diseases, which, like any illness requires immediate medical aid.

The majority of people believe that being overweight is only a cosmetic flaw. But this is a completely wrong impression. If you have a predisposition to obesity you urgently need to pay attention to your health. Ailments such as atherosclerosis and hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes most often found in obese people. In this list you can add a malfunction of the digestive system, impaired metabolism and more. In short, the most common and the initial reason of obesity is an internal illness, which can be defined by special diagnostics.

In addition, many reasons indicate heredity. If in several generations of the family people were overweight, the chance to become the owner of excess weight increases. This is primarily due to the metabolism that is transmitted from parents to children, etc. To the mentioned above also could be added culinary preferences of a particular family.

As for the assurance of a large number of women that during pregnancy it is impossible not to gain a few kilograms, this is no more than a myth. Women put on weight not due to pregnancy, but with enhanced nutrition during it. So it’s absolutely unnecessary to eat “for two”, the best option is to calculate your menu every day.

Limitation of fat incorporation in the body is one of the important points in combating obesity. Of course you don’t have to completely remove fat from the menu. A lot of nutritionists claim: normal value for the human body is to take carbohydrate in the amount of 60% of calories, and, according to this figure, 30% of fat.

Treatment is a quite a long and complicated process that requires an individual approach, taking into account the specific features of the patient’s body.

Prior to fight with this illness, consult a specialist, he (she) will definitely help you to eliminate your excess weight without any harm to the health. The combat against obesity under strict control of the specialist is the best way to lose weight.