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What is Cialis Oral Jelly?

What is Cialis Oral Jelly

What is Cialis Oral Jelly? Sexual relations make everyone’s life more harmonious and colorful. For various reasons such as stressful psycho-emotional loads, polluted environment, poor general health, for many men the theme of the full sexual intercourse is a problem….
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Have you heard about the best potency pills?

Have you heard about the best potency pills

Have you heard about the best potency pills? Which tablets for penis standing are the most effective and fast? This question is popular among men suffering from ED, unstable erection or decreased libido. Nowadays, medicines of synthetic origin are often…
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What is Top Avana?

What is Top Avana

What is Top Avana? Want to solve two problems at once with Top Avana: get rid of ED and increase the duration of sexual intercourse? It’s possible! For you, pharmaceutical industry offers the newest dual-use drug, released in India by…
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Advantages of Apcalis Oral Jelly

Advantages of Apcalis Oral Jelly

Advantages of Apcalis Oral Jelly. Joy of intimate life is one of the most important components of adult life. But the bad ecology, stress, the fast rhythm of modern life became the reason that led men to various sexual dysfunctions….
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Alcohol and ED pills

Alcohol and ED pills

Even the ancient people were aware of how alcohol influences sexual abilities. Ethyl alcohol, a harmful substance contained in boose, adversely affects all human organs and their work. And our reproductive system is no exception. But combination of alcohol and…
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Almost everyone at least once in their lives drank pills. From head pain, pressure, back or legs pain. But there are things that people do not know about the pills.

All tablets need to be taken with water.

Each tablet has the active ingredient of the drug, which is designed for absorption in certain parts of the gastrointestinal tract, some drugs start to absorb in the mouth, because there is a large number of vessels, which promotes absorption. At the place where the active substance is absorbed, is created an appropriate acidity. When we wash down a pill with water, we either raise or lower the acidity. Taking it with milk which has alkaline environment we sharply reduce the acidity in the stomach. And absorbability is already not the same. Influence of the drug decrease and it is less absorbed and do not do that action which is expected of it. Do not eat it with cola and also with soda even mineral because carbon dioxide is disturbed by the influence of the drug.

There are people who do not like to take pills and swallow them in a dry form.

Firstly dry tablet can scratch the esophagus. Amount of saliva in humans is insufficient to swallow dry tablet. Secondly the amount of fluid in the stomach is insufficient to completely dissolve the tablet and ensure absorption. Many pills must to be taken with enough water.

Sufficient amount is individual for each person; enough to swallow without discomfort in the esophagus.

When you take pills do not drink alcohol.

There are people who during taking pills are afraid also to smell alcohol but there are others who take those pills and alcohol like it just increases the effects of drugs.

Let consider antibiotics and alcohol. Antibiotics and alcohol violates action of intestinal microflora. Plus both violate motility of the gastrointestinal tract. So in total – an antibiotic and alcohol – can cause nausea, vomiting, dysmotility of dyspeptic symptoms (indigestion).

Let consider blood pressure pills and alcohol. Pills from the pressure alone reduce pressure, alcohol also lowers blood pressure (first dilates blood vessels, it felt as pleasure, euphoria and then comes the opposite effect – vasoconstriction, vascular spasm, manifested headache). A tablet on a background of alcohol may lead to collapse (acute circulatory failure), fainting.

People think that during a long taking of pills happens addiction and pills stop operating.

To be more specific then on the background of hypertension there is a destruction of receptors and they are less responsive to medication.

So is it worth to increase the number pills? You need to see a doctor. He will recommend increasing of the dose (which is rare) or, most often, the replacement of the drug.

Withdrawal syndrome “I stopped to take tablets and felt so bad”.

If a person sharply quit using pills he can feel that something’s missing. It applies blood pressure medications and nootropic (drugs affecting the head, improve cerebral blood flow).

Withdrawal syndrome or otherwise syndrome of ricochet is inherent for medications from pressure. When we stop taking them the pressure becomes higher than it was before treatment. For example at the beginning of treatment it was 140 – became 150 or even 160.

For nootropics it is not particularly characteristic withdrawal syndrome. They do not cause sharp vasospasm after discontinuation but is manifested human psychological dependence.

Is it true that antibiotics are taken at regular intervals? To take pills every 12 hours or every 8 hours is problematic, maybe it really does not matter?

Of course it matters. Each drug has its own half-life is. The active substance enters the bloodstream and starts to circulate, act and then collapse. This is especially strongly expressed in antibiotics. Why do doctors insist to do it at the regular periods of time? If the antibiotic’s half-life is 12 hours then we have to refill the drug in the body in 12 hours. Because then the drug is destroyed but remains in the body – we cause by this insensitivity of microorganisms to antibiotics. From the first stroke of antibiotics bacteria begin to break down but some of them survive. If you lower the dosage then bacteria become stronger and that is why there is the resistance (tolerance to the antibiotic) occurred.

Is it true that antibiotics should be taken at least 5 days? Now there is antibiotics treatment which lasts three days. They have a long half-life. In the body happens the accumulation for three days and they act up to 7 days and even up to 10. In the medical environment there is ambiguous attitude towards them, they are called preparations for lazy people.

But are injections more effective than pills?

First of all injections and pills are a little bit different things in terms of speed of action. After taking a tablet you expect the beginning of effect within 30-40 minutes. In injection of the drug intramuscularly you expect the start of action in 20 minutes. In intravenous injection you expect the beginning of effect after 3-5 minutes. Secondly the administration of the drug intramuscularly has some features. Each person has a layer of fat; needle in the syringe to 5 centimeters. In some cases they get intramuscularly and in some they do not and absorbability of the drug will be delayed.

Currently there is a very controversial issue for outpatient treatment, for example, with antibiotics. If there are an intramuscular antibiotics and tablets then some tablet drugs are more effective than injections. It also operates a psychological factor. One thing is to eat a pill and the other is to do an injection.

The placebo effect that is self-hypnosis really exists? A person eats sugar, he is said that it is very good tablet and sugar starts to help. Mental aspects influence the body’s hormones and motility of the gastrointestinal tract and on blocking pain syndromes.