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What is Cialis Oral Jelly?

What is Cialis Oral Jelly

What is Cialis Oral Jelly? Sexual relations make everyone’s life more harmonious and colorful. For various reasons such as stressful psycho-emotional loads, polluted environment, poor general health, for many men the theme of the full sexual intercourse is a problem….
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What pathologies affect potency?

What pathologies affect potency

What pathologies affect potency? Pathologies manifest themselves in the stronger sex at various ages and depend on various causes. Many patients are embarrassed to handle delicate problems with a specialist. This leads to deterioration in sexual health and the development…
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Have you heard about the best potency pills?

Have you heard about the best potency pills

Have you heard about the best potency pills? Which tablets for penis standing are the most effective and fast? This question is popular among men suffering from ED, unstable erection or decreased libido. Nowadays, medicines of synthetic origin are often…
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Potency is essentially sexual possibilities of a man. In a certain sense it can be characterized by tension of the penis and rate of the appearance of an erection, normal occurrence and duration of sexual intercourse.

Frequently, a man’s sexual possibilities are higher than the actual frequency of sexual activity. For instance, during the honeymoon, after a long abstinence from sex or changing of a sexual partner could be observed the highest rates of male sexual possibilities. In other periods the potency could be blocked by various life factors. For example: psychological conflicts that might arise at home or at the workplace; sexual indifference of the conjugal partner; physical health and other factors.

Good potency has the following criteria: strong sexual drive and desire, strong and full erection, which contribute to achieving ejaculation and orgasm.

In general, potency is a manifestation of physiological health of men. If a man has a good physiology, but eats incorrectly, lives in a poor ecological environment, then his potency will be lower than in a man that leads a healthy way of life and lives in favorable environmental conditions.

Furthermore, normal potency depends on the emotional and psychological factors. For example, a husband may have a poor potency with his first wife and strong with the second. This is the evidence that the potency largely dependents on the sexual partners.

Another reason for the decline of sexual function can be overweight or obese. This is explained by the fact that fat burns hormones responsible for male power. Being overweight increases the load on the heart muscle and blood vessels. As a result, there are problems with intimacy.

Alcohol has the greatest negative impact on the urinary system. Alcoholic drinks adversely affect the spinal cord centers responsible for erection and ejaculation. Alcohol abuse not only leads to addiction, but also to impotence.

Drugs provide even worse detrimental effect on the spinal cord centers. Such drugs like hashish and marijuana dramatically reduce the level of potency in men.

Low levels of sexual power may be indicative of illnesses of the genitourinary system. For instance, it may be prostatitis, i.e. inflammation of the prostate gland or vesiculitis — inflammation of the seminal vesicles. Both of these diseases can be due to infections by bacteria of various origins.

Hormonal disorders also reduce the sexual possibilities. A widespread hormonal problem is slowed production of testosterone. Usually the violation is caused by obesity. In addition, testosterone violations could be attributed to mechanical lesions of testicular tissue, inflammation of the testicles, pituitary illness (ischemic heart disease or tumor) and various medical conditions. Hormonal violations could be caused by alcohol, improper use of antibiotics and drugs.

Conservative methods for improving the potency include such medicines as Cialis, Levitra and Viagra. It should be noted that the above listed medications are highly effective. Their efficiency is 80%. However, the pill must be prescribed by a physician. Be aware that the medicinal preparations have side effects. Often they appear as headache, increased blood pressure, sometimes pain in the heart. It is not advisable to self-medicate, as this can lead to serious complications.

Moreover, to maintain male power is very important to lead a stable sex life. Failures in sex life can lead to decreased potency. If a man conducts a sedentary lifestyle he should do special exercises to prevent stagnation of blood in the pelvic area.