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Who is an andrologist and what does he cure?

Who is an andrologist?

Andrologist is a specialist who treats men, or rather, various conditions affecting the male genital. Its competence includes the detection of abnormalities in anatomical features and endocrinological disorders. In addition, an andrologist corrects the patient’s psychosexual state, talks and teaches…
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Almost every man at least once in his life encounter the unpleasant, from a psychological standpoint, consequences of a very short sex provoked by instantaneous ejaculation.

In the majority of events, difficulty with uncontrollable, rapid ejaculation arise in young boys and eventually passes, after gaining experience of sexual relationships ,but due to various reasons instantaneous ejaculation issue is relevant in adult, experienced men.

As reported by statistics, an early ejaculation is the most widespread form of sex disturbances. Reasons of premature ejaculation couldn’t always be accurately established. Sometimes the trouble occurs without any kind of visible provoking factors. Often, by examining and questioning the patient, qualified professional can detect the following causes:

– Sexual act with a new partner
– Long period of abstinence
– The significance of psychological aspects in the development of instantaneous ejaculation is quite high. This kind of sexual disrepair in males can cause such conditions as low spirits, apprehension, restlessness, frequent stress, guilt
– Hormonal disorders. Primarily early ejaculation can be triggered by a violation of hormones that are involved in sexual function
Certain injuries
– Sex with incredible beautiful fairer sex representatives. Sometimes people feel such a strong sexual arousal prior to intercourse that ejaculation occurs even before the introduction of the penis into the vagina
– Have been proven genetic reasons of instantaneous ejaculation. It is known that 91% of men with this issue have relatives who also go through the similar difficulty
– Malnutrition. The disorder is more common in men in the daily diet of which there is insufficient amount of magnesium

There are various methods of healing; they differ depending on causes and symptoms. If premature ejaculation arises as a consequence of an illness, you must cure the underlying cause, such as prostatitis, intervertebral hernia, etc.