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To depressive states are subject all human beings, regardless of gender, age, material wealth or social status.

For the prevention of depression in psychiatry experts advise to follow the listed below recommendations:

– Be able to always see the good in life and try not to lose this positive stance under any circumstances
– Try to be wise and consistent
– To achieve a major and serious purposes, avoid unnecessary stress over trifles
– Try to talk about your feelings and discuss issues with your friends and family. Do not dump all problems on your shoulders. Ask someone for help; it is absolutely not a sign of weakness, as many believe. Colleagues, relatives, family, friends will be happy to take care for yourself; it will not only help you to reduce psycho-emotional and physical stress, but also to establish warmer relations with your loved ones
– Try to solve arising conflicts with other people by intelligent dialogue and explaining your position
– Ensure that your nutrition is healthy and correct
– Have a sufficient rest, both at day and at night, to feel cheerful and active
– Exercise
– Do not abuse alcohol and toxic substances
– Do not put yourself to too excessive demands
– In case of failure you should not blame yourself, the main thing is not to “get stuck” and calm down, gather your thoughts and analyze the mistakes, and then look for a fresh solutions
– Make your daily schedule and try to follow it strictly
– Occasionally encourage yourself for personal achievements (buy a ticket to the theater, cinema, or a new clothes)
– If you have already experienced severe depression, to prevent its occurrence you must periodically consult with your therapist and undergo special psychological training sessions
– First and foremost listen to yourself and try to figure out what is causing your anxiety. Consider which of these factors can be eliminated, and which are not.