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What pathologies affect potency?

What pathologies affect potency

What pathologies affect potency? Pathologies manifest themselves in the stronger sex at various ages and depend on various causes. Many patients are embarrassed to handle delicate problems with a specialist. This leads to deterioration in sexual health and the development…
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For the majority of men and women discussing sexual content issues – not an easy task. Many are afraid of condemnation from the partner, others perceive everything that happens for granted Wordless “drifting” and do not realize that sex can be not just better, but a fantastically beautiful.

Meanwhile, such concealment leads to tragic consequences. But very few sexual relations have a positive start by themselves. Often they require thorough “work on the mistakes.”

Nevertheless, the list of sexual disorders is quite long. And equally, this problem can affect both men and women. And it reflects in all areas of life: Emotional balance, relationships with the opposite sex, relationships in the family and even the quality of work. So do not treat this area of life with disregard in case of any discomfort, you should not hesitate to contact a qualified sexologist. Consider the basic sexual problems separately in men and women. In both sexes, they can occur in all areas of sexuality, main of which are: a sexual deviation train, arousal disorder, impotency, inability to achieve an orgasm and different sensations after sexual intercourse.

In women

Deviations in sexual desire can be very different, and there are a variety of reasons, and they always appear very individually and in various forms. This type of disorder affects about 20% of patients of sexologists, and this state manifests itself in the fact that a woman periodically or continuously feels the inability to achieve and maintain sexual arousal. Most probable reason – insufficient blood supply of genitals, but psychological problems also may take place.

Orgasm disorder. It occurs quite often, but many women who have never in their lives experienced this condition may not even consider this a problem. Anorgasmia is often the result of emotional trauma, sexual violence, usually has a psychological origin. This disorder can be primary (appear at the beginning of the sex life) or secondary (growing due to the impact of various factors).

Painful disturbances in the sexual sphere is also not uncommon. This is usually painful feelings (persistent or recurrent) in the genitals during sexual intercourse. The reasons for this may be numerous, and, as purely physiological, such as vaginal atrophy or presence of vaginal infection, and has on their basis a wide variety of psychological factors.

In men

Orgasm disorder. Experts say that anorgasmia in men is often caused by various psychological disorders. In some cases, anorgasmia has organic causes, including possible violations of neurology.

Pain. Men can also either during or after intercourse experience unpleasant feelings and even pain. The most common reason for this may be various physical disorders.

Abnormalities in sexual desire. Men in this matter is not particularly different from women. There may also take place organic disorders, and psychological factors that individually or collectively or may lead to erectile problems, or occurrences of sexual arousal in unconventional situations and so on.

Disorders of arousal in men also may have physiological and emotional nature. In men sexual arousal manifests as an erection of the penis. Any stress, fear or any other negative state associated with sexual activity can affect primarily for male erectile dysfunction. Moreover, it can be very selective, manifest itself with one partner, but with another one disappear.