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Popular men’s and women’s sexual complexes

Popular men's and women's sexual complexes

Popular men’s and women’s sexual complexes. Modern culture forms specific, characteristic to it sexual experiences and behavior, determines the contacts between the sexes. A number of reasons can cause sexual complexes. Upbringing, influence of modern culture, myths about masturbation, religious…
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Human sexuality is, admittedly, a very complicated area. Vagaries in sex are as many as in food. And just how our culinary preferences are different, so varied are our sexual tastes, varying from country to country, from person to person and from day to day.

That is why the attempt to define what is “normal” sex life is, for at least, unreasonable. The diversity in this area is so large that statistics isn’t able to reflect the true picture of what most people feel. Nevertheless, there is an approximate statistics that exist so we could realize how wide can be the “norm” in the spectrum of sexual relations: from the level of sexual desire to what we actually do in bed.

Needless to say, that such data should be taken with caution. The studies of sexual behavior are often inaccurate. Talks about sex for many are still a taboo and it makes some survey participants to conceal the truth, while others, on the contrary, to enrich their “exploits”. These statistics certainly is not an absolute truth, but rather an attempt to provide an overview of the range of sexual life in the XXI century.

For example, not everybody feel sexual desire, from 0.4 to 3% of men and women can be asexual, although it does not mean that they were never in a relationship.

Identifying the exact number of gay people is extremely difficult. Data can range from 1% to 15% depending on who is involved in the survey, how are formulated questions, and what researchers are studying: sexual attraction, behavior or identity.

Another issue that arises: how often we have sex?

18% a single time in the past year
8% once a year
28% 1-3 times per month
40% 1-3 times a week
6.5% 4 or more times a week
These numbers were obtained during a global study of sexual life, with the participation of more than 50,000 Americans over 18 years. Although the frequency of sex decreases with age, it, actually, is not as low as you can imagine. A recent survey of the elderly (the average age was 70 years) found that at least 50% have sex more than twice a month, and 11% enjoy sex life every week.

Who are our sexual partners?

The idea that most random sexual contacts are with strangers is actually completely false. Sex is often associated with violations of generally accepted norms. Nonetheless, anonymous relationship “for one night” is a rather rare situation.

How long lasts a sex act?

Although according to online surveys in Canada and the United States, lesbians commonly have sex less often than gay male or heterosexual couples, it seems to be the case when less is better. In girls an average intercourse lasts about 30-45 minutes, and in the rest — 15-30 minutes.

How do we do it?

Scientists have conducted an anonymous survey of almost 2 thousand respondents aged 18-59 in the United States, and asked them what they did the last time they had sex. They got the following characteristics:

Vaginal intercourse: 80% of women and 86% men
oral sex: 67% of women and 80% men
anal sex: 3.5% and 9% accordingly
How many of us have simulated orgasm?

It is generally accepted that only women simulate orgasm. However, recent studies in the US found that quite a large number of men (25%) also imitate the culmination in various types of sexual activities. But, we must admit that in this category the women are still in the lead (50%). The reason, as one would expect, is that they did not feel in the mood, but did not want to upset their partner. Despite the fact that representatives of the stronger sex themselves occasionally simulate orgasm, only 20% of men believe that their partners can do the same.