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What is Red Viagra?

What is Red Viagra

Red Viagra is a drug containing 150 mg of Sildenafil Citrate, the active ingredient of famous blue triangle pill Viagra but by 50% more. Since the invention Sildenafil has helped millions of men to forget about impotence and become confident…
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Every man wants to be a passionate and tireless lover! If for any reason, there comes a time when men's strength is weakened – it can be a cause for depression, and personal relationships are put at risk. But do not despair – modern and effective component for solving the problems associated with ED and to strengthen the potency Sildenafil will be a real boon for men of any age.

One of the most popular drugs to correct erectile disorders with Sildenafil is well-known Viagra reviews about which you can read on many websites. Men of all ages successfully apply it to insure the achieving sustainable erection. The drug has no effect on sperm motility and the ability of man to conceive.

It is the main active ingredient of most tablets that improve the potency. This compound as an active ingredient selectively inhibits the cleavage of PDE-5 and relaxes arterial smooth muscles. This is caused by rush of blood to the penis and there is an erection. Do not worry that the erection will start to appear as soon as the drug gets into the bloodstream and starts the mechanism of action. Also for the erection the man is required natural stimulation.

The tablets are taken orally without chewing. You’d better after taking this substance drink plain water. An indicated daily dosage is 1 tablet. After taking the drug begins to act after an average of 50 min and its effect can last up to four – five hours. Before you start taking the tablets with Sildenafil it is necessary to consider all possible contraindications. For this would be better to consult a doctor who will take into account the individual characteristics and health status.

Contraindicated use of this substance if there is possible allergic reaction to the components of the drug or there are severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver or kidney disease, peptic ulcer during the exacerbation, poor circulation, fibrosis, Peyronie's disease or a hereditary retinitis pigmentosa. It is important to note that tablets with such a main ingredient as Sildenafil do not affect the ability of sperm and male fertility. Hormonal organism also does not change.