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Sperm is the fluid released during male ejaculation. Spermatozoon is a measure of male semen. The spermatozoon in nature has the structure of a moving egg. A man in one ejaculation releases up to 350 million of these germ cells. But reaches the egg and fertilizes it just one of them.

As sexologists say for the successful production of sperm requires a temperature of about three degrees below body temperature. Therefore, organs in which they are formed – the testicles placed outside the body into the scrotum. Fabrics of the scrotum surrounding the testes regulate their temperature. At low ambient temperatures testicles are drawn into the body and at high – rich with blood vessels scrotal tissue dissipate heat efficiently without allowing their temperatures increase.

How should look healthy sperm in men? It is important to know it to be able to independently determine the deviations from the norm. The ejaculate must be liquid and not thick to have a semblance of mucus whitish, yellowish or grayish color. Immediately after the release of sperm is observed thickening and after 30-40 minutes it becomes transparent and thickens. Nowadays, many men are faced with a variety of diseases of the reproductive system such as prostatitis, vesicles, reduced potency, and so on. However, not all violations of functions of genitals are given due attention. There are many diseases that do not show symptoms and do not give men reasons to worry about. For example, few of the men wondered why the thick sperm?

But this phenomenon also applies to pathological deviations and often indicates the development of serious diseases. Unfortunately, many patients ignore such seemingly petty problem. But the consequence of a negligent attitude in this case can be infertility. If during orgasm released too thick seminal fluid then this should be a reason for referral to a specialist, who will understand the reasons for the emergence of the problem.

Effects: if sperm in men is thick then it can cause infertility; as such a breach interferes with the normal activity of sperm cells and slows their movement. You should always be examined to identify the cause of deviations and eliminate it. Otherwise, the chances of conceiving a child will drop significantly.

In order to normalize the status of semen, men should follow the advice of experts:

  • Maintain a regular sex life;
  • Drink plenty of clean water for at least 2 liters per day;
  • Correct and balanced eating;
  • Do not abuse medical drugs, which can cause thickening of sperm (anabolics, etc);
  • Quarterly examined by a doctor in a timely manner and to treat diseases of the reproductive system;
  • Do not wear tight-fitting underwear;
  • Refuse from visiting saunas and do not take hot baths.