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Top 5 juices for men’s health

Top 5 juices for men's health

Almost every man faces in his life with a decrease in potency, temporary or permanent. For this purpose there are many preconditions, for example: physiological characteristics, the bad habits, psychological problems, a sedentary lifestyle. To strengthen and improve their sexual…
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How to treat osteoporosis caused by menopause?

How to treat osteoporosis caused by menopause

Osteoporosis generally occurs because of such reason as the reduced production of estrogens during menopause. It is known that hormones directly affect the condition of the bone metabolism and their lack is bone loss. In childhood bone mass increases reaching…
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The appellation “vitamin D” indicates a gathering of chemically alike substances.

Scientists combined into this category substances entering our structure with foodstuffs (ergocalciferol) and familiar to everybody vitamin D, which is synthesized in the derm when solar rays hit it. Vitamin D is very valuable in dealing with such complex and controversial ailment as psoriasis. Consumption of medicines consist a form of vitamin D together with solar UV light notably reduces psoriatic symptomatology remove reddening and flaking of the skin, reduce itching. In combination with other vitamins, it strengthens the immunity and is a wonderful precautionary measure against colds. It is irreplaceable in cure of conjunctivitis.

Indicators of vitamin D shortage are weariness, poor sleep, bone pain, muscle pain. Also develops tooth decay, reduces vision, disappears appetite, decreased weight. In kids, lack of this organic agent is usually accompanied by the progress of rickets.

It activates calcium digestion and bone formation. Up-to-date researches have proved that it promotes the prevention of osteoporosis, hypertension, some cancers and autoimmune ailments. Interest in the “solar” vitamin is growing around the globe due to the fact that scientists are constantly discovering new facts that link the given chemical with many processes that take place in the human body.