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Top 5 juices for men’s health

Top 5 juices for men's health

Almost every man faces in his life with a decrease in potency, temporary or permanent. For this purpose there are many preconditions, for example: physiological characteristics, the bad habits, psychological problems, a sedentary lifestyle. To strengthen and improve their sexual…
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Sunshine vitamin combats with impotence

Sunshine vitamin combats with impotence

Repeated laboratory investigations have revealed that scarcity of vitamin D not only leads to depressions, hypertension and heart illnesses but also improves the chances of acquisition impotency by 32 percent. The substance is necessary to virtually all systems of the…
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Vitamin E is often used by patients who are undergoing treatment for any disease. Since this vitamin is a so-called vitamin of the reproductive system it is often used in gynecology and obstetrics. It is believed that it is actively involved in the development of the ovum and is extremely important for the fetus. Doctors recommend it as in pregnancy, and during its planning.

With a lack of this vitamin cells become susceptible to the action of toxics, can be damaged and weakens immunity. It allows operation of the genital system in both women and men. In any violations in the work of endocrine system (and therefore also in the nervous system, brain, blood vessels) you must pay attention to the level of vitamin in the body.

In women with PMS with the additional intake is observed the disappearance of symptoms such as:

  • accumulation of fluid;
  • painful sensitivity of the breast;
  • emotional instability;
  • fast fatiguability.

Usually they take a dose of 400-600 mg daily. It is needed for the normal and safe pregnancy. It has effect on the state of the endocrine glands (gonads, pituitary, adrenal and thyroid) and is used in toxicosis by pregnant women.

It is known that vitamin E is a potent antioxidant. He is actively involved in the withdrawal of toxins from the body processes and helps maintain the water balance in cells. Today vitamin E is actively used for facial skin in the various anti-aging masks to return former beauty already fading and mature skin. Its active use in home conditions as a cosmetic justified by the complex effect that it has on the skin.

Vitamin E actively moisturizes dry skin, regulates sebum glands of internal secretion, brightens skin, leaving less pronounced freckles and age spots. Regular intake of vitamin E stops the skin aging process; smoothes wrinkles, gives skin elasticity and a pleasant elasticity and improves blood circulation which affects the healthy complexion. For hair it is very significant component for their growth and consolidation. Regular use of it for hair strengthening beneficial impact its condition. This is one of the most effective means against hair loss and split ends.

In healthy women older than 45 years, high-dose for long period of time decreases the level of deaths due to cardiovascular disease. In healthy women over 65 years of long-term use of vitamin E in large doses reduced the level of non-fatal heart attacks as well as mortality from cardiovascular disease. It reduces the death rate from cancer of the bladder in its prolonged admission. If to use the vitamin for a long period of time then it can reduces by 10% the risk of COPD in patients older than 45 years, smokers and nonsmokers.

Researchers still do not know for certain what purpose of vitamin E accumulates in the body. It is believed that with the food modern man is getting enough vitamin E, therefore, does not require additional receiving it. However, there are several categories of people who may experience a deficiency.

The first group of these includes premature newborns. Since infants under one year process of assimilation of fats is not yet perfect the vitamin E deficiency can manifest their infections and retinal damage.

The second category is people who suffer from congenital disorders of digestion. For the most part this is a pathology in which disrupted the process of assimilation of fats. In the body there is a lack of many substances which depends on the uptake of fatty acids. Most often, vitamin E deficiency is manifested in people with (neuropathy, ataxia), muscle (myopathy), retina (retinopathy) and a decrease in the body’s defenses. Because fat-soluble form is not assimilated in such people to them are appointed the water-soluble in the form of a multivitamin.