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Perhaps every female wants to be healthy and beautiful.  Women do anything to preserve their beauty and good shape: seek assistance from professional beauticians, attend gyms and exhaust themselves with diets… but very often they forget about such an important aspect as woman’s health.

The body of a woman of childbearing age is a fairly complex, balanced system. With a certain cyclical nature follicles mature in the ovaries, the organism changes hormonal levels. Every month a woman’s body prepares for a birth.

Gynaecology is the science of women’s health, its preservation and recovery at different disorders. The majority of females try to avoid visits to the gynecologist: someone does not trust the doctor, some say: no pain — no worries and the physicians are not necessary; others are simply afraid of such visits. But resorting to this important women’s doctor just because of an acute misery we make a big mistake.

A female should seek a first consultation with the gynecologist at 18 or immediately after the onset of sexual activity (in the ideal case, if nothing bothers her). The doctor conducts a pelvic examination, taking tests, performs the ultrasound. After this, examination must be take place 2-3 times a year. This is especially important when changing sexual partner, as increases the risk of bacterial vaginosis and sicknesses that are transmitted sexually.

If a woman lives a sexual life, but does not plan to get pregnant, she needs to think about contraception. All the questions of contraception (the correct choice of contraceptives) may answer gynecologists. Moreover, the current variety of possible means of protection against unwanted pregnancy is so great that without the help of a qualified expert making choice is very undesirable.

Much more often the gynecologist faces with inflammatory illnesses and hormonal disorders, as well as issues of female infertility. Inflammatory diseases of internal female reproductive organs can affect the ovaries, cervix, vagina and directly the uterine lining. The main danger of female genital inflammations (especially chronic) is not only in symptoms. Pain, discharge from the genitals and malaise —this all are certainly unpleasant. But without the proper treatment an inflammation can lead to infertility in women, causing obstruction of the fallopian tubes or severe pathological transformation of endometrium. Menstrual disorders not only cause inconvenience, but also may become a barrier to conception and a normal development of pregnancy. Female infertility is a significant nuisance, which in recent years has become increasingly common. In most cases, a woman cannot become pregnant while tubal obstruction, disruption of maturation of the follicles in the ovary or at failures in a complex hormonal mechanism.

The best healing is prophylaxis, and for this, a woman needs to always be aware of their health. For what diagnosis is performed. The main method of diagnosis in gynecology – a review of a patient in a special chair using mirrors which allow evaluating the state of the mucous membrane of the vagina and cervix. Diagnosis of pathological conditions of ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes, in most cases, is performed by the method of ultrasound diagnostics. Therapeutic activities at gynecologic diseases are appointed only after a thorough diagnosis and taking into account all peculiarities of organism of a particular patient.

In inflammatory diseases usually prescribe antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs (as local and general therapy) and chronic inflammatory conditions — different methods of physical therapy.

Another vulnerable female organ is breasts. At the slightest suspicion of a strange compaction in the chest consult your gynecologist. After 40 years a woman must do regular mammograms at least every two years, especially she’s at risk.

Risk factors for breast cancer include:

– Genetic predisposition

– Late pregnancy (after 35 years)

– Early beginning of menstrual cycle (12 years) and its completion after 55 years

– Menopause

Over the years, in women the amount of muscle mass decreases, and after 30 years there first hormonal changes occur and getting stronger with every year. These factors together cause a slower metabolism. For this reason, it is important not to reduce physical activity with age, and the diet should be changed towards fat reduction and more frequent use of dairy products, fruits and vegetables.