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The drug Yasmin is an oral contraceptive agent of the new generation. The operating principle of these birth control pills is similar to other oral contraceptives but its formula is somewhat improved, more refined. This is due to the presence in its composition of Drospirenone – a fourth-generation progestogen the effect of which is close to natural progesterone. The main indications for use of Yasmin are acne treatment and PMS.

Also, the drug diminishes or eliminates the discomfort arising in mid-cycle and before the start of period. It should be noted that studies have shown that these drugs reduce the risk of ovarian cancer and other tumor diseases of female genital sphere.

The important action of the pill Yasmin is a reduced production of male sex hormones in the female body. You may ask: "What do you mean in general male hormones?" Often the cause of rash in women is an excessive production of male sex hormones – androgens.

Androgens directly affect the sebaceous glands if their concentration is greater than necessary; this may cause increased fat content of the skin, hence the appearance of pimples, blackheads and acne.

Especially often this reason "terrorized" women during pregnancy, lactation or menstruation. There are many hormonal pills and Yasmіn have their advantages and disadvantages over the other OC.

• Due to lower concentrations of etinilestradiol in the composition of Yasmin decreases the risk and severity of side effects.

• It has no significant effect on body weight.

• Improves hair and nail growth.

Drospirenone which is a component in Yasmin has antimineral corticoid action. It prevents the increase in body weight and appearance of edema caused by estrogen which by the way provides tolerability.

And most importantly Yasmin provides high contraceptive efficacy and pregnancy may occur only in an abuse of the drug or failure of it.

People with the following conditions shouldn’t take the drug:

• Severe diseases of the cardiovascular system (myocardial infarction, thrombosis, and others.);

• Diabetes;

• Severe forms of migraine;

• Hepatic and renal failure;

• Malignant and benign tumors in the liver;

• Pregnancy and lactation.

People in the reviews on the use of birth control pills Yasmin against acne and blackheads note the absence of serious side effects and a good therapeutic effect that is maintained for a long time. Some patients notice even a slight weight loss.