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Testosterone injections and their side effects

Testosterone injections and their side effects
Testosterone injections and their side effects

Testosterone injections and their side effects

Almost all men with age begin to experience problems with the lack of men’s hormones. The fact that the organism cannot itself provide testosterone at a sufficient level and eventually androgen deficiency occurs. To help the body which cannot cope with its functions in this case can only receiving necessary hormone from the outside. According to the scientific it is called replacement hormonal therapy but also there are other types of testosterone therapy.

Methods of administering testosterone:

The best way to replenish it in the body is intramuscular injection by a hormone replacement drug. A similar method has been used for a long time and is well established. However, there are other methods of administration of these drugs:

  • Orally, that means through the digestive tract using tablets and capsules;
  • Transdermal, through the skin using gels, patches;
  • Buccal, through the mouth with the help of resorbable tablets;
  • Subcutaneous, using special implants.

Each of these methods is effective enough but in addition to the advantages of each of them has its drawbacks. Unfortunately such a lack can lead to potency problems and then you will need t use some ED medications.

Varieties of testosterone injections:

But we will return to the injection mode of administration of testosterone. They can be divided into three main types according to the duration:

  • Short-term actions;
  • Medium-term;
  • Long term.

Short-term action drugs – testosterone injections:

The basis for the manufacture of drugs that act for a short period is testosterone propionate. The desired functions in the body, they perform for no more than 3 days. Its advantages include immediate onset of action. But the disadvantages of injections of testosterone are the frequency of use, pain and potential side effects of testosterone injections.

Preparations of medium-term actions:

The structure of intermediate-acting drugs includes testosterone cypionate, enanthate or a mixture of testosterone esters. Such preparations are applied about 2 or 3 times a week, however, as well as the cypionate. But the most effective of the drugs of medium- period of validity is a mixture of esters. This drug is good in that it has so-called a synergistic effect. This means that the overall efficiency of each agent alone lower efficiency of the mixture as a whole. It is also worth noting that due to the different rates of absorption of each of the esters the drug starts to work quickly and its validity lasts for a long time – about 3-4 weeks. Disadvantage this preparation has only one – the high cost.

Not so long ago appeared on the market long-acting drug. Its basis is testosterone undecanoate. The main advantage of this tool is the duration of its validity – 10-14 weeks. It is worth noting that a positive factor that is not immediately released into the blood as it happens in case with other injections. The release of the hormone is gradual which has very good effect on the body. The fact is that the sharp change in testosterone levels often leads to significant mood swings and libido. Such effects are typical in testosterone injection of short and medium term. After injections with long action of these oscillations is not observed. The downside of the drug can be considered fairly high cost.

Unfortunately, like in the use of most drugs, testosterone injections can have side effects:

  • possible development of malignant tumors, in particular prostate;
  • acne and other skin rash;
  • fluctuations in libido and mood (using drugs short and medium term);
  • increased level of red blood cells;
  • decrease in fertility (a decrease in the number
  • and the weakening of sperm);
  • a possible increase in breast (gynecomastia).

Yet, there are much more benefits of injections because they can maintain the necessary level in the blood and lead a normal life. But these drugs are relatively inexpensive.

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