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The main types of penis and how they differ

The main types of penis and how they differ
The main types of penis and how they differ

The main types of penis and how they differ

Types of penis. Often ordinary people, without special knowledge and skills in the field of medicine, confidently express ideas about this or that part of our body, which are inherently erroneous. One of the common misconceptions can be considered an opinion on the shape of the penis. Very many sincerely believe: penises must be necessarily straight, and other species testify to physical deviations. So what types of penis exist in nature?
Intimate body: profile and full face

Sexual members without any connection with any illness can be of various types. For instance, with thickening towards the middle, bend, or ones that changing shapes depending on the condition. From a medical point of view, there is not the slightest pathology in this. Types that are familiar to science (at least 10), depend on the individual characteristics of the human body. Therefore, any types of penis that are, have a right to exist and should not be a reason for ridicule.
In general, specialists perform gradation of penis based on the size of those. They subdivide them:

  • On small (length — 10-12 cm, thickness — 3-3.5 cm)
  • Medium (length — 13-15 cm, thickness — 3.5-4.5 cm)
  • Large (length — 15-20 cm, thickness — 4.5-5 cm)
  • Huge (length more than 20 cm, thickness — more than 5 cm)

However, this classification should not be taken as final. An important role is played by the regional affiliation of men (nationality), as well as individual characteristics of the forms of the sexual organ. From the point of view of the last criterion, it is common to distinguish the following types of penis:

  • On cylindrical
  • Barrel shaped
  • Conical, or pointed
  • Mushroom-shaped

Such names come from an external change in the penis during erection. In particular, because of the size of the head. What does the opening tip of the penis looks like? Such associative name receives the form of the penis. The head in the form of a mushroom cap gave the name to the fourth species. A small head in the process of erection (less than the body of the member itself) indicates a conical shape. And if the head size does not differ in size from the main organ, you can talk about the cylindrical form.
State of rest

There are various statistics that give you the opportunity to learn everything you need about different types of penis. At rest, the length of the organ varies from 5 to 15 cm (as the medical literature says). The average size is usually about 10-12 cm, and the thickness is about 2.5 cm. What cases lead to a decrease in the size of the penis? Physicians identify the following situations:

  • At the end of sexual intercourse
  • In case of sexual failure
  • In a state of extreme fatigue
  • In a state of increased excitement
  • After bathing, if the water in the pond had a low temperature, and during the cold shower
  • In case of illness of a physical or mental nature
  • When a man feels cold

If the situations are opposite to those listed, the penis changes its size in the direction of increase. This usually happens when men get into a warm room or when they change their nervous state into soothing and relaxing state.

The consequence of an erection

If we talk about the size of the penis in a state of erection, the medicine operates with the following figures: the thickness increases to 3-4.5 cm, and the length – on the average from 5-10 to 15 cm. Of course, everything depends on types of penis. There is also information about an increase to 18 cm, and even up to 23 cm. The maximum length described in the scientific literature reaches a record number of 30 cm.

Very interesting is the following paradox. If the member at rest is sufficiently large, then at the time of erection, it can extend only to about 5 cm. But an initially small member can stretch for 10-12 cm. Moreover, the latter also increases more in thickness. This once again proves that it is wrong to connect the male power and specific types of penis.
Possible malformations

Anomalies of the penis are already evident in the fetal stage of development. Such anomalies include:

  • Ectopia is a type of congenital malformation, in which the penis is located behind the scrotum. In this case, surgery is necessary
  • Underdevelopment of the reproductive organ (micropeniasis). In such a situation, doctors prescribe either hormonal or surgical treatment
  • The organ is hiding in the pubic area, in its fatty tissue (a hidden penis). This is one of rare types of penis. Here an operation is the only way to correct the situation
  • The foramen of the foreskin is narrowed (phimosis). Such a congenital anomaly prevents the opening of the head itself and can even lead to difficulty urinating. Hygienic procedures are difficult to carry out in such a situation, and this, in turn, can cause inflammation
  • Double penis (diplalia). This is one of the rarest types of penis
  • There is no glans penis. Such a vice is considered extremely rare, but curable
  • Complete absence of sexual organ (aphallia). The rarest type of anomaly. It is usually accompanied by other severe developmental abnormalities that can lead to fetal death. The affiliation to a particular sex with this kind of deviation is not easy to determine

A timely diagnosed anomaly leads to urgent medical intervention, which makes it possible for a male child not to experience sexual problems in the future. But, let’s repeat: all the listed vices are congenital and are not found often. And, it must be understood, that type of treatment of erectile problem doesn’t depend on types of penis. For instance, which is better, Viagra or Levitra for you based on your penis’ size? There is no answer. It only depends on your state of health.

The best-known prejudices

The most common misconceptions about the types of penis are three (although there may be more):

  • The size of the penis is directly related to the level of sexual activity. Ostensibly the bigger, the sexier. This is really not the case. Scientists have not found confirmation of the relationship between the different types of penis and sexual desire. Activity in the sexual aspect is determined by a whole complex of various factors. For instance, the hormonal level and the degree of mental and physical health. Even heredity. Do not forget about education, various difficulties during puberty of future men
  • The size determines the virtuosity of a man in bed. Again, a failed attempt to establish a direct proportional relationship between non-interrelated things. The potency has nothing to do with types of penis. Only through active self-suggestion can men convince themselves of this illusory connection. But then we are talking about a psychological complex, which can lead to a physical breakdown of the sexual sphere. Which, we sure anyone can agree, is very unpleasant. It can even lead to impotence. Luckily, it is curable. For example with the help of such effective medicines as Cialis soft
  • The bigger a man’s arms and legs are, the larger the size of his penis. Nonsense. There is no dependence of penis size on the size of any other organ of the human body. In terms of proportions with high growth, a fairly large size of the palms or feet is often observed. But this regularity does not apply to the genital organs

Thus, we can say with confidence that all myths surrounding the male sexual sphere and types of penis for many years are groundless. They are a consequence of suspiciousness, primarily of men themselves. However, do not neglect the rules of hygiene, take care of your health and pay attention to possible changes in health. The main thing is to approach this issue sensibly.

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