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The rules of survival after vacation

The rules of survival after vacation

The rules of survival after vacation

It’s no secret that most in need for vacation is the one who have just returned from it. Have you ever experienced an impression of frustration after a protracted weekend? The atmosphere in the office seems suffocating, the boss— picky and colleagues — bothersome. According to statistics, over 80% of all layoffs occur in a first few weeks after a long break. So how could we pull ourselves together and overcome “a holiday-maker syndrome”?

First of all, it is necessary to understand what kind of state it is, what causes it and realize that you are not the only person who faced such a nuisance. It happens sometime that even a completely healthy and happy person returns home from holidays irritated and ill. First working days are accompanied by a headache, fatigue, low mood. Particularly susceptible to such a state are workers of such occupations:

  • Representatives of stressful occupations: journalists, surgeons, executives feel a strong contrast between the carefree rest and a daily necessity to make important decisions
  • Service workers. Administrators, vendors, waiters on vacation themselves become objects of service: food is served in their room, the rooms are carefully cleaned. Now they have again depend on the mood of customers
  • Melancholic individuals. People of this type of temperament prone to jealousy and suspicion. A story of a colleague`s beautiful vacation can permanently knock them out of track

Most prone to this phenomenon are people between 30 and 45 years.

Reasons for this anguish can be diverse, but we will list only the most common:

  • Far too short period of holiday. Psychologists have found it best to rest for 3 weeks. During the first seven days a person being rebuilt to a new rhythm, the second week is meant for resting and relaxing, and the third — to gradually return to a normal agenda
  • Climate change. Seacoast or a resort town, warmth and sunny days undoubtedly bring us joy. People around relaxed and hotel staff is friendly and polite. Back home, we often see a different picture: gray skies, drizzle and gloomy, busy passers-by
  • Failed holiday. It sometimes happens that expectations of holidays were not justified: instead of the promised comfortable hotel and clean coast, you encounter a dwelling of questionable quality and a public beach. Then frustration leaves an unpleasant aftertaste for a long time
  • Change of your usual rhythm of life. Even people who love their profession and yearn for it on vacation, find it difficult to get into the intense rhythm of working days. In addition, colleagues often expect a high intensity of work from the rested person. Not surprising, during the holidays, they took over some of your responsibilities
  • Gastronomic habits. During the rest time in us suddenly wakes up a gourmet, and we start to try everything, especially in all-inclusive hotels. After all, once a year you need to pamper yourself. And now ” a gastronomic feast ” ended, once again you meet a harsh reality in the form of oatmeal for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch

Thankfully, this syndrome is fleeting, in a week you`ll feel better. But how do we outlast this week, until our brain and body adapt? Start planning your next vacation! Incorrect strategy is to sit and disassemble pictures, travel in your thoughts back to the beach. This will even more draw you into anguish. The correct position is to start planning your next trip from the first working day after the holiday. It will keep your mind occupied and help you to distract from the past. Another way to defeat the depression after the holidays is the occupational therapy. To return to normal work routine find some simple activities, write them down on a sheet of paper, methodically strike them out one by one as you complete the tasks. In the evening, if the day was successful, reward yourself with something pleasant – go to the movies, over to your friends, dine in a restaurant. Try to get back home from the resort not on the eve of returning to work, but a couple of days earlier. So you will have enough time to sleep, to unpack the suitcases calmly, without haste. Even if you gained weight on vacation, in any case do not start a diet! This is a stress to the body that has not yet adapted. If you are dreaming to regain a slim body shape try physical activities. The adaptation process can cause excessive irritability, i.e. unconstructive conflicts. In addition, colleagues may help to get used to work, so talk to them. On the one hand, you`ll feel like surroundings excited to have you back. On the other hand, it’s a good opportunity to ask about job`s news, changes, rumors, projects. Most importantly – avoid dry formal conversations; be sincere and interested. Surviving the first day after the holidays is not easy. The situation is complicated when it is Monday. Therefore, it is advisable to return to work in the middle of the week – Wednesday or Thursday. Thursday is the best. Guess why? Because you work for two days and then there is the weekend again!

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