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Top 15 aphrodisiacs

Top 15 aphrodisiacs
Top 15 aphrodisiacs

Top 15 aphrodisiacs

The strongest aphrodisiacs for men are exotic fruits and herbs as well as conventional food.

An aphrodisiac (on behalf of the goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite) is a substance that stimulates sexual desire and sexual activity. Typically these products are characterized by bright aroma and taste.

Aphrodisiacs can be the usual food, some spices, preparations based on medicinal herbs and pheromones.

Getting into the body through the mouth, respiratory tract or through the skin, aphrodisiac starts to act like hormones that are involved in the implementation of sexual arousal. These modes of action of various aphrodisiacs are different. Some increase sex drive, enhance the sensuality of others and others help to relax. In addition, aphrodisiacs have antidepressant effects on the body and provide restorative and rejuvenating effect.

15. Black and white truffles

Cooked truffles produce a flavor that is extremely similar to the male hormone androstenone.

Those people who were exposed to the aroma of it are more likely to appreciate other people as attractive ones than those who have not been exposed to the composition of truffles.

They contain substances similar to pheromones, the volatile compounds that provide attractiveness to the opposite sex.

14. Red and black caviar

Salted fish eggs are rich in phosphorus and they are food for the nerve cells.

It contains a protein, a lot of useful amino acids, minerals, vitamins A, C and D, as well as zinc.

All of these substances contribute to the development of germ cells.

In addition, eggs are well absorbed by the body and do not burden the stomach.

13. Chocolate

This product actually contains tryptophan which after breaking down of serotonin makes you happy and caffeine does not allow you to sleep, both perfectly suitable for lovemaking.

However, the real secret is located in the chocolate phenylethylamine and a high level of neurotransmitter amphetamine.

Also the smell of chocolate causes the production of endorphins – the hormone of joy.

12. Oysters and shrimps

Actually there is a similarity in oysters with female genital organs.

They contain a lot of zinc, which is conducive to lovemaking.

Also you can get with them: calcium, iodine, zinc, manganese, cobalt, phosphorus.

11. Chili pepper

Eating of it generates feelings that are similar to the ones experienced by having sex.

Hundreds of species have their own different flavor and burning sensation.

Prepare your dinner seasoned it with a pinch of the cardamom, red pepper or curry.

The spice contains a group of vitamins such as vitamin C and E, B vitamins (B2, B6).

Spices invigorate and improve blood circulation, stimulating the blood flow to the necessary organs.

10. Alcohol

This product is somewhat arbitrary for this list and of course there is no good scientific evidence supporting a drink as an aphrodisiac.

Can you tell me how many disposable nights began with a salad?

And how many contacts and visits were started with bottle drink? The answer is obvious.

We all know that alcohol reduces the potency, in general, if you want a romantic dinner ended with something special then do not put on the table a lot of it.

9. Cherries

Besides the fact that they are available for a short season it is added the possibility of super rare fruit filled with a lot of healthy nutrients and vitamins.

In addition to power quality, cherries also contain melatonin that helps to regulate the heartbeat.

In fact, the secret of berries ability to give the men a second youth is a large amount of zinc in it.

It is important here that the chemical composition of cherry preserves zinc after any thermal treatments.

Therefore, for men’s health it will be helpful as fresh fruits and jam or marmalade.

8. A banana

Aside from its symbolic similarity related to the penis shape bananas contain bromelain, which is an enzyme that is believed to work extends male sex.

The fruit also contains tryptophan – a nutrient that is converted into serotonin (hormone of joy, good feelings for).

It stimulates the brain to produce dopamine and is a great source of potassium, vitamin B and energy.

We recommend you before a date to drink a milkshake with banana.

7. Avocado

It has a reputation as the fruit that increases libido largely because of its name.

Avocados contain vitamins A, D, E and PP, natural fatty acids and hormones.

Professors suggest that this is due to the high content of vitamin E which helps to maintain a “young male energy.”

This fruit which contains large amounts of protein and fat can replace meat.

Cut the lengthwise, remove the pit and pour any sauce into the hole.

Eat with a spoon chow down with a spicy cheese or shrimp.

6. Pumpkin

It is a real champion among the vegetables on the number of iron contained in it but because all the fans of this vegetable have a good complexion and are in a good mood.

These useful properties of pumpkin are not limited as its juice is especially indicated for men to maintain male power and sexuality have the same effect as pumpkin seeds.

5. Figs

It contains antioxidants and polyphenols that affect the duration of sexual intercourse.

This sweet as exotic fruit used in their love pleasures of the ancient Greeks.

Eat them fresh or dried using hands. It contains vitamins A, B, C, PP, a large number of amino acids, minerals: potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, manganese, sulfur and bromine.

Useful properties of figs are in the presence of valuable minerals potassium.

Due to the high content of it is recommended for people with heart disease, venous thrombosis, in patients with hypertension to improve the tone and flow.

4. Watermelon

Studies claim that this juicy fruit could have a similar effect as a Viagra to men due to nutrient citrulline.

It improves blood circulation and helps to relax the blood vessels.

Watermelon flesh is certainly the most valuable and tasty in this berry.

It has a number of different vitamins PP, C, D, B1, B2 and B6, carotene, as well as salts of iron, copper, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, zinc, folic acid.

And most importantly there is much more nutrients in watermelon compared to fruits and vegetables in watermelon.

3. Honey

It is one third consists of simple sugars (sucrose and glucose) and this is the concentrated energy to the body.

Do you remember that without the energy from sex we are guaranteed the absence of satisfaction but only fatigue so the honey without doubt a great aphrodisiac and energy.

Honey can be eaten only natural, not heated and filtered, retaining its natural flavor.

2. Asparagus

It filled with folic acid and as you know it is necessary for the production of histamine which presumably plays a role in raising good mood.

1. Olives and olive oil

In fact, the olives have been used to increase sexual health.

They quickly compensate the enormous loss of minerals and sodium, which occurs during sexual intercourse.

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