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Top 5 ED medications

Top 5 ED medications
Top 5 ED medications

Top 5 ED medications

Some men have such a problem as the lack of erection. Sexologists say that it is not yet an indication that the man is indifferent to the lady. So what can cause erection problem? Firstly it can be all sorts of infections but there is no need to exclude problems at work or in the family. Maybe a man takes any medication and some of them suffer from neurosis and depression. It is said that today almost all the people are exposed to stress. It may also be the cause of problems associated with ED.

Also, it is necessary to remind that today very few people adhere to the correct way of life. The vast majority of people have addictions. At the same time they try to do everything in bed perfectly although the accumulated tension also can cause weak erection.

Since just few people understand that, there are people who think that the penis is a muscle which is straining and it stands. In fact it is not, erection is filling of the penis with blood in a state of excitement. It is like a sponge, such a porous body covered with leather. And this sponge is soaked with blood when it enters a penis in large quantities.

Imagine that a penis like a sponge is placed in a condom where a condom is the skin and there are cavernous body inside and when the sponge fills with blood a pump (heart) pumps blood. Under pressure it starts to inflate, inflate, grow and become hard. The internal pressure is large, it has nowhere to escape and the penis rises under the influence of this pressure. This happens due to the facts that relax muscles of smooth muscle in the corpora cavernosa. Normally they are not relaxed accordingly the blood cannot flow there. But if you are excited then you begin to actively produce nitric oxide in the muscles.

In which situations, the weakening of erection considered is a norm? It is possible to think about a million situations, such as when you have sex then you do not need a standing penis.

But what if you have a serious deviation from the norm? What to do in this case? – wonder many men who still feel the desire to have sex but appeared inexplicably erectile dysfunction prevent them from doing it. The answer is simple! Pills for potency are the perfect solution in this case.

Nowadays you can easily buy pills everywhere even in the online pharmacies. The composition of each drug is some active substance which can increase the duration of sexual intercourse or get rid from dysfunction on time. After taking the pills you will notice that the full strength, energy and ability to do miracles in bed surprising your partner with resistance and without fatigue.

With the reception of special preparations begins the treatment of various forms of dysfunction. These medications need only to stimulate the circulation of blood. This is necessary to maintain long and stable erection which incidentally is needed for sexual intercourse. It turns out that the tablets are not capable of maintaining the male libido. Therefore if the problem lies in men due to lack of libido then no drugs even the most effective will not help.

Let’s talk about the top 5 best drugs in the order from the last to the first.

5. The last place in our list is given to Avana. The operating principle of Avanafil is similar to its closest competitors. After receiving improves blood flow to the reproductive system, blood vessels dilate making it easy to achieve an erection. At the same time the erection does not arise as a spasm but quite naturally – with sexual stimulation. The question may arise why do we need Avana, if there is already a proven and reliable product with the same principle of action? The main difference between it and its generics – very high speed of action. In addition, generic Avana have no restrictions on diet. Competing products impose restrictions, some prohibit combine them with alcohol, while others – with the high fat and plentiful food.

4. Dapoxetine is the world’s first drug designed specifically to treat premature ejaculation in men aged 18-64 years.

And we come to the question “Which is better Viagra, Cialis or Levitra”?

3. People are traditionally accustomed to such drug as Viagra. When they hear about some dysfunction usually occurs in the mind the word Viagra. This is a brand; in fact, the active ingredient called Sildenafil is much cheaper. You can buy a million analogues of Viagra that will act the same way but cost in 2-5 times cheaper. Viagra is the first to come out on the market and is the most widely promoted around the world.

2. After Viagra it is Levitra. The point is that science does not stand still and periodically pharmacists invent more and more new drugs. Probably the most powerful agent to enhance male potency is Levitra. It starts to act faster in 15-30 minutes. This substance practically has no side effects. It does not raise the pressure, the flow of blood to the head is not that strong than in Viagra. Duration of action is also longer if Viagra works 4-5 hours, Levitra can work up to 10 hours and Levitra cannot be taken on an empty stomach.

1. After Levitra goes Cialis. Generic Cialis advantages prevail over the others. It is the strongest drug among FED-5 inhibitors. It can work up to 3 days. The advantage over Viagra is that this drug can be taken with alcohol. It will not block the effect of Cialis but will block the action of Viagra. Even if you have something to eat and you have a non-empty stomach that is okay, Cialis will still work.

But it is worth noting that the last three drugs are suitable for different conditions, for example if you have hypertension, you’d better take Viagra, and vice versa Levitra with such a diagnosis is prohibited. Despite the fact that it already helped many men Levitra for premature ejaculation is not as helpful as other ED drugs.

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I tried Viagra and Cialis but I have never tried Avana. Do you recommend all of this top 5 ed medications?


Yes, I use Avana and it is pretty strong. It has the same effect as Viagra but it is a new drug and the main advantage is that I don’t have any side effects. This tablet is deservedly in the top 5 ed drugs!