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What are the 8 men’s and women’s problems?

What are the 8 men’s and women’s problems
What are the 8 men’s and women’s problems

What are the 8 men’s and women’s problems

What are the 8 men’s and women’s problems?

Women and men have many different problems but there are those that affect all the factors of life. If a man or a woman is sexually dissatisfied then they may become stressed and as a consequence it will influence completely life, including work. In this article we identified 8 men’s and women’s problems, that is for each it is four problems. And the most important is that if you have one of these problems then you need to solve it immediately because such habits can cause even more serious problems.

Male problem number 1 is an unhealthy lifestyle.

It would seem what the connection between sex and way of life? However, doctors say that the most direct. Small physical activity, absence of walks in the fresh air, “beach” rest – this way of life accelerates the onset of the male menopause what affects the behavior of a man in bed. Menopause in men comes from 55 years and is significantly different from women, for example, men are able to continue to conceive children and age impotence does not always come. But in order to preserve such abilities and to please your loved one in bed the representatives of the stronger sex just need to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Men’s problem number 2: avoidance of sex.

There are men who generally believe that with age it is better from time to time to abstain from sexual activity. Like, it retains strength. Not really. On the contrary, saving on energy for sex only exacerbates the decrease in age potency.

So you can “tumbling” in bed and improve your health! The main thing, do not get carried away with the change of partners. Doctors say that the constant change of sexual partners also speeds up the extinction of sexual activity. It is best to have a constant and understanding woman with whom you can not only “do business” in bed but also talk. More about all the disadvantages you can read in “The lack of sex in men leads to chronic disease”.

Male problem number 3: not to be protected.

Men, unlike women, are “doomed” to worry about this until the end of life because male sexual activity with age although it decreases but does not stop at all. Even by the age of 80 the production of testosterone and sperm is reduced by only 25-50 percent. That is, it becomes more difficult to become a father with the years. But it is quite real. And even if your lover is of the same age when the climax comes and it would seem about what children we are talking about – it is also not worth relaxing. Pregnancy even in rare cases but it is possible. So don’t forget about the protection.

Men’s problem number 4: wrong pills for improving potency.

In the case of X they can actually become a faithful helper. But to rely only on the wrong tablet is stupid and even more so do not take such drugs on the advice of friends. Only with the approval of a doctor! After all, often a cause of sexual disorders in men is some disease, for example, arterial hypertension, diabetes, neurological disorders, in which case you need to treat the underlying disease. There are a lot of good medications and you can choose the best from the Top ED pills but in specifically your case you need a pill that will help you. And of course you need to choose the right dosage. Somebody needs only half pill of Viagra but some men need the whole tablet. And without a doctor, you may not know which pills and how they work with erectile dysfunctions.

That was the most popular male problems in the list of 8 men’s and women’s problems. And next we will talk about women’s problems which are actually their bad habits which they need to get rid of.

Women’s problem number 1: if she sucks between the sheets.

From night to night, year after year and often – from a partner to a partner (by the way, maybe that’s why your partners change so often that they get bored with your boring sex?). To lie down motionless and squint your eyes – perhaps the worst thing you can do in bed if, of course, you are not alone and are not going to have a sweet sleep. And with a man you should try new poses, change places: in the bathroom, in the car, in forest and not just in bed. And forget about Grandma’s underwear. Fifty years – not an excuse to switch to panties the size of a pillowcase. The best panties are the ones that a man wants to take off with you soon.

Women’s problem number 2: constant thoughts about how she looks.

Of course, the years are playing against us: extra pounds, internal changes, lost tonus and smoothness of the skin. Thoughts about this and that the loved one also notices this do not allow relaxing in bed. What to do? Forget and relax! After all, if the problem can be solved then you should not worry about it and if it cannot be solved (and you most likely do not have a solution – you cannot return the years, the body will never become like a twenty-year-old girl) and spend nerves on constant thinking about it is not worth it.

Female problem number 3: vaginitis.

This is another age problem. But it is, fortunately, quickly treated. But first about what “vaginitis” is. It is a decrease in lubrication in the vagina. Most often this is due to age but sometimes the cause may be a violation of microflora, cancer and even the taking of certain medicines. Because of the pain and itching inside women even try to avoid sexual intercourse. But in fact the problem is solved simply – you just need to use special moisturizers in the form of special tools.

Women’s problem number 4: decreased libido.

In women in adulthood the function of the ovaries begins to fade and this manifests itself in a small production of estrogens which affects the decrease in libido. The problem is solved in the same way as in men in case of a decrease in potency – special tablets. Women usually choose among the most popular Generics: Addyi, Female Viagra and Female Cialis.

Of course 8 men’s and women’s problems – it is not a complete list but usually men and women complain about them.

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These 8 men’s and women’s problems are really serious and it is important not to suffer from them.