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What is Levitra



Clinical trials show that Levitra improved erections for at about 80% of men. The drug has also shown high efficacy in different variety of men’s health problems. It does not cause addiction and you do not require a permanent increase in dosage.

The time required for the tablet to act may be different for everybody. During the trials, the tablets started to act in one hour. Drug activity is noticeable after a quarter of an hour (often twenty-five minutes). The duration of action may changes, but as a rule, it is 4-5 hours. The main active ingredient of the drug interacts with blood proteins on the ninety-five percent.

Levitra has some side effects, but not everyone who takes a drug has them. Even when the side effects occur, they are often small and do not need any treatment, they are: headache (15%), nasal congestion (9%), nausea (2%), vomiting (2%) and pain in the muscles (2%).

Levitra is contraindicated to use with nitrates or drugs, which are nitric oxide donators. Levitra is not advised to take people with serious diseases of the cardiovascular system or with sensitivity to the drug, particularly to tadalafil. Needless to say that women and children should not take it.  If you eat a tablet with a high-fat food then effect of the drug can be felt later and it will stay in your blood longer, for at about an hour.

Levitra helps men, even in cases when Viagra is powerless, for example, in diabetes. Apparently, this is due to an effective influence of the drug on blood circulation in the genital organs.

Most popular generics are: Generic Levitra, Generic Levitra Oral Jelly and Generic Levitra Soft. The main difference between Levitra and Levitra Soft is the speed of action and the method of application. Soft pills are quickly dissolved under the tongue. Moreover, they can be combined with alcohol and high-fat food.

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