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What is the intracavernous pharmacotherapy

What is the intracavernous pharmacotherapy
What is the intracavernous pharmacotherapy

What is the intracavernous pharmacotherapy

Many of those men who now use Viagra previously struggled with potency problems using the drug injections directly into the penis. An erection with Viagra sometimes not as pronounced as those erections that were caused by penile injections. However, most of these men still prefer to use Viagra, although penis thus hardens only by 70-80% as compared with the absolute erection from ED injections. But with Viagra sexual arousal and reaction of the body to it increases gradually in the natural rhythm of intercourse. In addition, some women do not really like rock-solid organs of their partners – achieving of penile injection. These inflexible, superdense organs are not able to adapt to the natural contours of a woman’s vagina. And if in woman lubrication fluid is produced insufficiently and the vagina somewhat dry – very often it happens in older women after menopause – then very hard penis will take a lot of inconvenience and sometimes painful sensations. We should not forget about the huge difference between repeated erections that occur after taking Viagra and after the injection. Even after ejaculation men who entered into the penis drug substance cannot completely lose the erection and for a while their penis is hard enough. Such prolonged erections may contribute to repeated orgasm but they can bring a lot of discomfort – because the erection of such a nature can last for hours, much longer than it would be desirable to men. With Viagra most men soon after ejaculation lose their erection. But, as already noted, Viagra helps men to achieve quite naturally second erection and re-erection. So to the question “Why do men lose their erection?” there are a lot of answers but men are more interested in the question “How to control your erections?”

What is the intracavernous pharmacotherapy?

ICP is a method of treating ED comprising administering by injection and causes a full erection.  Main thing is that you can achieve it at the right time and makes it possible to adjust its duration and it occurs regardless of sex appeal of your partner. By this it compares favorably with other medical methods existing for today.

Who are prescribed ICP and to whom it is contraindicated?

It is prescribed to men with some problems or mens impotence. In particular, it is indicated when receiving of tablet formulations does not give the desired effect. ICP has been successfully used if the ED was caused by diabetes mellitus, diseases and injuries of the brain and spinal cord, the initial stages of the disease vessels of the penis and the cavernous bodies. It is not advisable for patients who have suffered of serangitis or have a cavernous fibrosis, Peyronie’s disease and some congenital anomalies of the penis. In any case, to determine indications and contraindications to the ICP is necessary to be examined by an urologist or andrologist.

What drugs are used for the ICP?

Injections for ED carried out with vasodilator drugs that significantly increase the flow of blood to the place where they are introduced. Earlier Papaverine was used for ICP, however in recent years the most effective and safe is considered to be Alprostadil or Prostaglandin E1.

How can I start using the ICP?

To do this you must to undergo a thorough medical examination and with the help of a specialist to choose an individual dose. Then the doctor will teach you how to make yourself an injection into the penis. This way is completely painless.

Drugs for the ICP do not cause any addiction. They on the contrary especially in young people with regular use for more than 1 year are able to improve the quality of their own erections. For those who perform injections too often, as well as in patients with severe forms of diabetes may develop scarring in the penis. Some patients (less than 15%) have pain in the penis after injection. In general, the ICP is safe and not burdensome.

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I heard about it but always thought that injections in penis can be painful but my friend told that he didn’t feel anything at all.