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What pathologies affect potency?

What pathologies affect potency
What pathologies affect potency

What pathologies affect potency

What pathologies affect potency? Pathologies manifest themselves in the stronger sex at various ages and depend on various causes. Many patients are embarrassed to handle delicate problems with a specialist. This leads to deterioration in sexual health and the development of complications. Timely intervention by medical professionals will help quickly eliminate the cause of the problem and improve health.

What pathologies affect potency? Illnesses of the genitourinary system are different. Many of them are complications of any inflammatory processes in internal organs. Specialists identify the following problems that concern men:

  • Prostatitis;
  • Impotence;
  • Erectile dysfunction;
  • Lack of libido;
  • Infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.

All these problems cause in man a feeling of discomfort and pain. Various complications may develop if man doesn’t know that pathologies affect potency. Most of the listed illnesses can be cured. To timely remove them you need to contact a specialist.

Pathologies affect potency and the first of it is prostatitis:

This problem has different sources of origin. The essence of the pathology lies in the development of the inflammatory process in the prostate gland. Inflammation causes a strong increase in the size of the body. The prostate becomes large and blocks the outflow of urine from the bladder. Also, with this problem there is a violation of the secretion of seminal fluid and the synthesis of testosterone.

Inflammation in the prostate gland can develop for two reasons:

  • Bacterial infection;
  • Acquired inflammation.

It can be caused by various pathogens. When they get into the prostate gland they begin to multiply actively. Bacteria feed on healthy prostate tissue and cell death occurs. The site damaged by microbes begins to become inflamed and in difficult cases, it can be inflamed. There is a development of bacterial prostatitis. There is a very easy way to determine whether you have it prostatitis test.

Acquired forms of the problem develop due to various factors. In men, leading a sedentary lifestyle, stagnation occurs in the organs of the small pelvis. Stasis causes a disturbance in the nutrition of the prostate tissue.  Hormonal failure is also a cause of impaired prostate function. In the development of testosterone in the prostate gland decreases synthesis of the secretion of the seminal fluid. The body develops an inflammatory process that affects the health of surrounding tissues. Prostatitis should be treated with various methods, for example, prostatitis medication. Doctors prescribe drug therapy in conjunction with the hardware effect. Complicated cases of prostatitis must be removed surgically. A man needs to know if there are problems with the prostate, you need to quickly seek medical help. If the problem cannot be rectified in time impotence and infertility may develop. More about this illness you can read in “Prostatitis treatment”.

Pathologies affect potency and the second of it is impotence:

This problem often occurs in men after 45-50 years. But there are a lot of way to prevent it. There are identified such factors that can lead to it as:

  • Chronic inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system;
  • Infections of the genitals;
  • Bacterial inflammation;
  • Severe supercooling;
  • Drug side effect.

If you do not know what is the impotence caused by then it is the presence of chronic inflammation in the reproductive system. Under the influence of the process a man disrupts the production of testosterone and the filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis. The problem must be solved by eliminating the original cause.

Various venereal diseases of the reproductive system lead to disruption of the work of its organs. So, with clamidiosis, spermatogenesis is impaired. There is a violation of the filling of the cavernous bodies and the erection disappears. In order to quickly eliminate pathology, a man needs to undergo a thorough medical examination. Bacterial pathologies cause the death of cells of healthy genital tissues. Thus there is an accumulation of products of ability to live of a microbe and the lost cells on the amazed site. Inflammation develops rapidly and harms the sexual health of a person. Such pathologies are dangerous because their diagnosis is not always successful. In some cases, the bacterium dies on its own and the inflammation remains. Many patients who have treated the problem of impotence have a strong hypothermia. Treatment of such patients should be performed by a doctor in a hospital setting. Many drugs have side effects. In hypertensive drugs a frequent adverse reaction is a worsening of potency and the development of impotence.

Treatment of impotence should be handled by specialists. Independently, the problem should not be eliminated. Men often use Viagra for excitement. It leads to a decrease in the reaction of cavernous bodies and nerve endings of the penis. With a long reception of stimulants there is a complete reduction in the erection.

Pathologies affect potency and the third of it is erection disorder:

The problem can appear in men at any age. There are a number of reasons that affect the appearance of excitement. Physicians distinguish such pathological factors as:

  • Hormonal disbalance;
  • Psychological reasons;
  • Accompanying illnesses;
  • Various traumas of the genital organs.

Pathologies affect potency and the fourth of it is lack of libido:

This problem arises from the psychological state of a man. With prolonged fatigue, nervous stress, there is a decrease in sexual desire. Many men do not attach much importance to this problem. This is a mistake. With prolonged absence of sex, sperm pathologies also develop. The liquid loses its basic properties. Sperm becomes viscous, spermatozoa lose activity. Violation of a man’s libido should be eliminated by a psychologist. Only under close monitoring of the nervous system and mental health can sexual libido return.

Infectious diseases of the genitourinary system, these fifth pathologies affect potency as well:

Modern physicians distinguish a large number of different infectious diseases that cause potency problems. Particular attention should be given to such problems as:

  • Gonorrhea;
  • Syphilis;
  • Staphylococcal infection of the urethra.

Preventive actions:

All male problems can be prevented by following a set of rules. A man must comply with the following conditions:

  • Personal hygiene;
  • Control of sexual activity;
  • Compliance with a healthy lifestyle.

To avoid the development of many male problems will help to comply with personal hygiene. A man must wash his genitals daily under running water. Underwear should be free cut and sewn from natural fabrics. The patient needs to control sexual activity. It is necessary to avoid accidental sexual contacts. And as you read about what pathologies affect potency you are warned and already know how to avoid them.

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It is a well known fact that pathologies affect potency and if you are a men then with any disease you need to immediately check the potency.