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What you should know about birth control pills

What you should know about birth control pills
What you should know about birth control pills

What you should know about birth control pills

Transition on the birth control pills – is not an easy decision for the majority of girls and women. Also there is no 100 percent right or wrong decisions as for all it is individually. We will give you answers on frequently asked questions about these tablets.

1. Do I need to tell my parents about taking birth control tablets?

If the girl has a trusting relationship with their parents (mother) it is worth to do. It is just as important as any other discussion of health issues related to your health. If girls will discuss this question with their parents they will realize that she is already mature enough for such a decision and did not do it behind their backs but primarily came for advice to them.

2. At what age can you take the tablets?

Nobody will prescribe the birth control pills to a girl who has not reached puberty. However, from the moment you have begun periods you can go for consultation with a gynecologist and discuss with him this subject regardless of whether girls have a sexual life or not. Birth control pills are often advised to take painful menstruation or problem skin with which most often adolescents are faced.

3. Can these tablets regulate the women’s cycle?

There is nothing terrible when periods start at the most inappropriate moment and you don’t have any pads or tampon. Besides, if you have active sex life and do not protect then the last few days before the start of period will literally turn into hell. At reception the contraceptive pill menstrual cycle really adjusted and periods flow quickly and painlessly. You’ll know within one or two days when the periods will begin and always be ready for them.

4. Does the use of pills can cause gain weight?

Perhaps you’ve heard the horror stories of girls who have gained some weight due to taking the pills but this is an exaggeration. The tablets contained the same set of hormones that generates your body but in different amounts. You may notice a small increase in weight (on average – up to 1.5 kg). Since this is an average rate and each organism individually respond to certain medications then you can gain a little more or does not at all.

5. Does the breast increases?

Breast augmentation – is a common myth that came to us in 1960 when the first birth control pills went on sale. They contain estrogen (a steroid female sex hormone) which could lead to breast enlargement. In modern drugs the amount of estrogen considerably lowered thereby able to reduce to a minimum number of side effects.

6. Will the skin condition improve?

Yes, and significantly. Physicians often prescribe birth control pills to girls for this purpose – to improve the appearance and condition of the skin. Together with tablets estrogen enters the body which suppresses androgen – the hormone responsible for the production of subcutaneous fat. However, take into consideration: birth control pills – is not a cure for acne. Some girls managed to get rid of acne while some of them managed to improve but do not get rid of them completely. Doctors emphasize that the initial situation can only get worse and the result may be noticeable only after two or three months of taking.

7. Can these pills cause mood changes?

You probably heard that women who take birth control pills often suffer from depression and uncontrollable mood swings. However, despite the fact that there is some unconfirmed evidence of side effects there are no clinical trials that has confirmed the connection of tablets with psychological state.

Stress and mood swings are a part of our lives and they may just coincide with the period of administration of the drug. However, if you have noticed an abnormal response of the body then it would be better to consult with your doctor.

8. How soon after you start taking the tablets is possible not be protected by using a condom?

In the first few days is worth to be protected with a condom. The number of days depends on the day of your cycle. If you start to drink tablets in the first 1-5 days of the onset of bleeding then protection with a condom can be stopped on the next day. If you start to take pills after periods passed you should be protected for another seven days.

Simultaneously remember that the pill protects you against unintended pregnancy but do not protect from infections. To stop the protection you can only if you have a regular partner in which you’re sure. If you have an irregular sexual life and often change partners then you should not abandon condom use.

9. Why the time of admission should be the same?

Tablet is a very effective form of birth control only when it is taken properly because then the possibility of getting pregnant tends to almost zero. But if the reception is shifted then the probability of unplanned pregnancy increases (according to statistics 9 women out of 100 who take tablets become pregnant).

Reception hours are conditioned by the fact that a woman’s body within 24 hours must have a constant set of hormones. Deviation in the reception time is allowed no more than two hours. For convenience, combine pills with the daily function that you are doing in the same time.

10. What happens if forget to take a pill?

It depends on how many hours or days have passed since the last dose. If it’s been only a few hours from the stable time of reception and you had sex – drink a pill as soon as you remember about it. The next one drinks at the usual time. If it passed the night and you have not thought about taking pills: drink at the appointed time two pills and continue to drink the way you did it. The first five days use condoms.

11. Is it safe to take it with other drugs?

For young women who tend to be healthy there are no contraindications. However, intake of potent drugs such as antibiotics or antifungal agents can reduce the effectiveness. In any case, before the start of treatment is necessary to notify your doctor.

12. Is it safe to take pills and drink alcohol?

Alcohol has no effect on the effectiveness. The only side effect of alcohol while taking the pills is that under its influence women often forget to drink the drug in the allotted time.

13. Which pills are top birth control?

Usually women buy combinations of different active substances with Ethinylestradiol. It is Levonorgestrel, Desogestrel and Drospirenone which are in the Generic Alesse, Generic Desogen and Generic Yasmin birth control.

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