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When contraceptives are not working

When contraceptives are not working
When contraceptives are not working

When contraceptives are not working

Almost every third incident of unplanned pregnancy occurs in women who use some form of contraception. Of course, partially this can be explained by the fact that even the most modern methods do not give an absolute guarantee.

However, the most common cause of unwanted conception is the human factor — mistakes in the choice and use of contraceptives.

Hormonal contraceptives provide the highest degree of protection against pregnancy — more than 99%, however, they are not suitable for everyone. They can be taken only when prescribed by a competent doctor. If we talk about contraceptive pills, then the most common reason for their inefficiency is missed admission. Sometimes 12 hours are enough to get pregnant. Contraceptive pills don’t work in some cases.

Some drugs, interacting, can enhance or weaken each other’s action. This applies to contraceptive pills. There are medicines that reduce their effectiveness.

If you are taking a hormonal contraceptive, you should carefully read the annotation, namely, the section dedicated to its compatibility with other drugs and substances. You’ll get this annotation in a drugstore of if you buy birth control pills online.

Most often, birth control pills do not work because of antibiotics or antifungal medicines (be careful when treating thrush!) If a woman is taking hormonal contraceptives and she has been prescribed antibiotics, then for this period of time she is recommended to switch to another method of protection. Moreover, the transition to an alternative contraceptive is necessary from the first day of taking antibiotics and after their withdrawal for as long as the treatment course continued.

You also need to remember those preparations, about which is available little information so it is impossible to predict possible consequences, since usually they are not considered “real” drugs. For example, dietary supplements based on various medicinal plants. Keep in mind that birth control pills are not compatible with St. John’s Wort extract.

Unplanned pregnancy can be quite a shock; therefore, when choosing a means of protection, it is necessary to adequately assess its safety, effectiveness, and how this method can affect the normal life. After all, the main guarantee of the effectiveness of contraception is the consistency in its use.

Let’s talk in more details about some substances and situations that reduce effectiveness of birth control pills, condoms, spermicides and the intrauterine device.

Hormonal OC + antibiotic = effectiveness 20-30%

So many people and even whole families dislike treating diseases with antibiotics. But it happens that this is the only measure that can help a sick person in a short time. And if nowadays the need to take antibiotics together with probiotics is no longer questioned, the proposal to include in the given “duet” condoms causes, at least, misunderstandings and doubts. But this is completely wrong! If you feel well enough to spend time with your lover in bed, the latter will definitely help you! Especially if you take hormonal OC!

Remember! When treatment involves the use of antibiotics for two or more weeks, do not use any birth control pills. Low effectiveness of them is guaranteed! But if the treatment takes place at a more intensive pace, use additional means of protection. For example — condoms.

Hormonal OC + antidepressants = effect 40-50%

Problems of personal plan are not a reason to deny the pleasure. It is proved: good sex brings back the taste for life. However, if you are taking herbal extracts, powders or other type of sedatives, do not forget to buy extra protection! Since the above mentioned medicamentous forms contain substances that partially neutralize the contraceptive effect.

Hormonal OC + grapefruit juice = effect 20-30%

Surprisingly, the daily use of grapefruit negates the beneficial effects of the majority of the existing medications! And hormonal birth control pills are included in their number. If you decided to take care of the figure and follow the grapefruit diet, please note that the OC shouldn’t be a part of your life! You’ll have to choose: these pills and amorous pleasures or grapefruit, the same + condoms! The thing is that grapefruit deprives hormonal contraceptives of their protective properties.

Hormonal OC + diuretics = effect 5-10%

The proposal to “cleanse the kidneys” and get rid of extra pounds (many of the means for weight loss are based on the diuretic effect) looks tempting. However, gynecologists warn, instead of habitual OC it is better to use caps or condoms. After all, the more pronounced the diuretic effect at the present time, the less the percentage of protection from unwanted pregnancy your body now has.

Hormonal OC + food poisoning = effect 10-15%

Food poisoning in itself is an unpleasant surprise, not to mention such symptoms as stomach upset or vomiting. Even a one-day deterioration of well-being due to poisoning requires two weeks of protection from pregnancy with additional means of protection.

So if you carefully follow all recommendations for the use of hormonal contraceptives, everything should be OK. These pills are very effective; one of the best known and most reliable preparations is Yasmin. ED tablets do not provide any protection, neither against pregnancy nor against STDs, so bear it in mind.

Condoms – reliability 99%. But:

Condom + cosmetic cream, petroleum jelly = effect 50%

The use of lubricant during sexual intercourse not only solves the problem of vaginal dryness, but also enhances the acuteness of sensations of a couple during lovemaking. Do not skimp on special creams and gels. In fact, they, unlike cosmetic products, are designed to create additional protection from spermatozoa. But petroleum jelly and cream destroy latex, which significantly weakens the protection.

The intrauterine device (IUD or the coil) is 95-97% reliable. But:

The coil + regular physical activity = effect 10-50%

Jumps, somersaults, flips, as well as exercises for the abs and hips may contribute to the displacement of the coil. In particular, if these physical loads are practiced during menstruation. Unfortunately, the displacement itself cannot be felt. But be very vigilant if the coil was installed less than six months ago and has not completely “settled in” in the uterus.

Spermicides – reliability 70-75%. But:

Spermicides + water activities with cosmetic products = effect 30-40%

After a pleasantly spent leisure most girls dream of shower. Cool water will soothe the hot body and promote healthy hygiene. But if you use spermicides as a protection, you should abstain from water procedures. At least for an hour after sex! Otherwise, the active components of the contraceptive, instead of neutralizing spermatozoa, will take up the futile struggle with the ingredients of cosmetics. And even ordinary water during the specified period of time can do much harm. Because there is a risk of washing off spermicides. And you do not want this.

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