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Why do your condoms break

Why do your condoms break
Why do your condoms break

Why do your condoms break

Quite often happens that condoms break. During use, the possibility of breaking exists in condoms from any manufacturer and of any quality and according to statistics it is 2.5-3%. Why does it happens, why do your condoms break? There are several reasons for this.

  1. Condoms are used to prevent pregnancy, which is undesirable and also to protect people from a variety of diseases that can be transmitted sexually. Basically, they break due to the fact that their shelf life has expired. For this reason, when buying a condom, check the expiration date.
  2. Another common cause is very rapid coition. Surely companies that produce them tests them in every possible ways, there is even an imitation of intercourse, they are stretched and filled with water. But the man – it is a living being, therefore, it is impossible to guess all the movements performed by them in the process of sexual intercourse, so do not get too succumb to extreme in bed.
  3. Production workmanship also cannot be excluded. But it should be noted that because of this reason there is only two percent of all cases of condoms.
  4. Another reason could be the size of the product. For example, if it would be small. The lubricant that is not suitable for the size may cause rupture, since lubrication with oil-based latex can reduce the strength of it up to 90 percent. The use of additional lubricant based on fat (cream, petroleum jelly, etc.) leads to the fact that the product destroys lubricant material and leads to rupture it during intercourse. However, this does not apply polyurethane condoms, which may be used with all kinds of lubricants. On the recommendation of experts it is better to use condoms that are water-based.
  5. Using a condom after improper storage; its quality also depends upon its proper storage. These products must be protected from direct sunlight, high temperatures and high humidity. Improper storage affects the contraceptive materials which stick together and lose their strength that during sexual intercourse can lead to its rupture.
  6. Improper putting on a condom; protection level depends on its proper donning. During opening the package you must carefully control the contraceptive. When you put it on the head of the penis you should hold down two fingers on the reservoir for sperm to squeeze the air out and then unroll the condom over the entire length of the penis.
  7. And most importantly: do not open the packaging with the product with teeth because you can easily damage the lubricant.

Experts believe that out of ten cases only one breaking is associated with the defection of product. The remaining cases are related to their improper storage and use. Be careful when using this method of contraception.

It should also be remembered that during prolonged intercourse condoms should be changed every half an hour.

Studies show that many intimate lubricants and petroleum jelly contain latex composition of the solvent so doctors recommend using only specially adapted for these purposes gels. For anal sex there is another type of condom and it is also necessary to take into account when buying. Therefore, it is familiar to many of us shyness at the pharmacy when buying condoms is absolutely inappropriate because we are talking about our health.

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Clara Benson

My son has already 17, perhaps I will show him this article. Very informative and instructive post. Thank you!