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Why Does The Penis stand erect every morning?

Morning erections

Penis stand erect every morning

Morning erection is a good sign for all men. It ensures that both internal and external organs of the reproductive system function properly together. An involuntary erection is the final stage of the normal sleep cycle.
If morning erection does not occur for a long time it may be a warning that something went wrong. Very often absence of penile erections indicates the initial stage of erectile dysfunction. It is a good idea to tell your urologist honestly about your morning erections. Waking up in the morning without or with an erection is a good proof of the presence or absence of ED.
Morning erection can say a lot about men’s sexual capabilities. ED is often accompanied by absence of morning erections. If you do not experience morning erections it is very likely that you have disturbed blood flow. It causes insufficient blood pressure in blood vessels of the penis. This is the main reason why you have no morning erections. In this case Viagra is the best means to recover an adequate blood circulation. After taking Viagra you will feel how the penis is supplied with enough volume of blood and you will experience morning erections again.
Erections occur not only in the morning (those which we can notice) but also during sleep. A unique phase of sleep which is called REM (rapid eye movement) is the key factor of the presence of erections upon waking up in the morning. The point is that the brain still keeps working during REM sleep. The brain sends a signal to certain neurotransmitters so they prevent people from acting out dreams. Norepinephrine belongs to those neurotransmitters which take part in the control of erections. The more norepinephrine is presented the less possibility that erection occurs.
During REM sleep testosterone activity increases. Increased testosterone activity causes an increase of blood flow to the penis. This is a reason why the penis stands erect at night-time. Whereas the final REM period happens in the morning most men wake up with morning erections.

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This helps my idea when erections occur to me thanks A Lot!!!!!!!


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Heidi Crowe
Heidi Crowe
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My boyfriend told me to read this because he told me that every morning when he wakes up he realizes that he came but he says that it happened in his sleep and I was confused and so he looked stuff up found this read it and sent me here to read it this explains a lot now…