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Why man does not finish during sex

Why man does not finish during sex
Why man does not finish during sex

Why man does not finish during sex

There is a stereotype that orgasm in men comes easily and sexual contact necessarily ejaculation is completed, the main thing that is not too fast. But it turns out that there is a violation as the difficulty of ejaculation in which a man cannot ejaculate during intercourse or ejaculation occurs after a long period of time from the beginning.

Why do we used to think that man always has an orgasm and man not cum during sex simply is not possible? It happens and experience shows that such problems are not uncommon. Say what is the problem – if a man can perform sex for a long time it is good and we do not need to find the answer on the question how to correct this situation? There is some truth in this. Ladies often complain that their partners are satisfied too quickly but sometimes, unfortunately, vice versa. So let’s see why this happens and what to do if man can not finish for a long time. Often women after finding that a man cannot come starts to look for a reason. Of course, in the absence of satisfaction may be blamed a woman but more often the reason still in man. And if you have doubts – talk to your partner, maybe it’s just a feature of his body because the number and duration of the desired sex of man depends on his sexual constitution. But if long intercourse for your husband’s not the norm then about the reasons for the lack of orgasm you need to think about. Moreover get tired of this, both partners. This disorder occurs much less frequently than the accelerated ejaculation but no less worried. Everybody knows that Dapoxetine for premature ejaculation is effective and do not know what to do in the opposite situation.

The reasons for which a man does not come during sex:

A man cannot ejaculate during sex (despite all the efforts being made to accelerate it) although experiencing sexual arousal and has a normal erection. In other words, he is unable to achieve orgasm. The reasons for such a violation are sufficient and it can be a periodic and the continuous.

  1. The most common reason that a man does not finish is alcohol intoxication. In this state, it decreases excitability ejaculation center in the lumbar spine, blunted all the sensations. However, in the men abusing alcohol there are other problems of a sexual nature.
  2. Another common reason for a negative impact on sexual opportunities for men is fatigue. It is provoked by trouble at work, chronic sleep deprivation, physical and emotional exhaustion, prolonged stressful situations.
  3. Increased focus on the result rather than the process. For example, this happens when planning pregnancy or sex on schedule when the couple for a long time cannot conceive a child or caring for a newborn baby does not allow young mother constantly satisfy the desires of her husband or the unconscious suppression of ejaculation because of fears that the partner is pregnant.
  4. Fastidiousness and aversion to the partner, for example, if the previous sexual act was performed during menstruation or was accompanied by a significant discharge of blood.
  5. Low sensitivity of the glans penis or its loss. This usually promotes a way of life associated with smoking or taking drugs, penis or groin injuries, as well as health problems – diabetes, obesity, heart disease, infectious diseases of the genitourinary system (tuberculosis, urethritis), trauma or spinal cord tumor, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis.
  6. Violations after surgery on the bladder or prostate.
  7. Prolonged use of antidepressants, diuretics.

In the delay of ejaculation during intercourse up to 75% of men are able to complete it with the help of masturbation. In principle, masturbation is considered one of the causes of psychogenic nature for which man cannot ejaculate during sex. Formed erotic stereotype, inadequate feelings inherent in sexual intercourse that means sex does not ensure that condition in which ejaculation is possible. For example, the mechanical effect on the sex organ is too weak, so excitement does not increase to the level of sexual release.

What if the man has no depression, no alcohol and no signs of perfectionism and with that problem you face more and more often? You cannot deal with it without the help of a specialist because the causes can be sexual diseases and endocrine systems, oncology, defects and abnormalities of the genitourinary system. Of course you can try other ways to solve this problem with Injections for ED treatment or ED medications but if they will not help then only a doctor can help you.

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