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Women smokers destroy their health: myths and facts

Women smokers destroy their health: myths and facts
Women smokers destroy their health: myths and facts

Women smokers destroy their health: myths and facts

Women smokers destroy their health: myths and facts. A huge percentage of women on the planet support the industry of tobacco magnates. As a matter of fact, they for their own money buy poison for the organism. What is the mistake of the majority of women smokers? And why is the health of women exposed to special risks when smoking?

Once smoking was a privilege exclusively for men, but with the development of ideas of feminism and emancipation, this habit attracted many women. The image of a strong, independent lady, with the strong support of tobacco kings, was accompanied by an unchanging smoking cigarette in her hand. Ladies of the XXI century are still smoking. Despite the fact that, according to modern research, the female body is much more susceptible to the harmful effects of the cigarette smoke. But many ladies do not pay attention to it.

Among women smokers there are several misconceptions about this habit and its effect on the health.

Myths about women’s smoking

Light cigarettes are not so harmful to the organism. This is absolutely untrue. Do you know that the harm of smoking is due not only to nicotine? Cigarette smoke contains dozens of dangerous substances, regardless of their strength. The reduced content of nicotine is compensated by the smoker unconsciously. They take deeper drags on a cigarette. The toxic smoke stays longer inside the lungs. From the transition to light cigarettes, dependence is not weakened. And by reducing their number, one can even strengthen the predilection. Women smokers await every new cigarette with impatience.

A hookah, popular in bars and nightclubs, is safe for health. Another incorrect statement. Yes, passing through the liquid, the smoke loses most of the nicotine. But the amounts of carbon monoxide and light-poisoning resins, those smokers receive during a half-hour session with hookah are equal to smoking two packs of cigarettes. Not only women smokers themselves suffer from it. Also the people in the same room are in danger. Because of the large amount of smoke, passive smoking in case of hookah is very dangerous. Sticky dense tobacco, used in hookahs, contains an increased amount of heavy metal compounds in the form of salts. This further increases harm.

To give birth to a healthy baby, it is sufficient to stop smoking only during pregnancy. The female eggs are given to the woman once and for all. They cannot be renewed. This means that even experiments with tobacco in adolescence increase the chance of a child with deviations. This is confirmed by modern researchers. Even among those women smokers who had given up smoking a year before the onset of pregnancy, the risk of the birth of children with congenital diseases was increased.

Even those women smokers who are not planning to have a baby suffer because of tobacco. As a matter of fact cigarettes reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills. Even the effectiveness of such modern and effective means as Yasmin tablets.

All who quit smoking get weight? Many addicted to tobacco, instead of thinking about how to quit smoking believe that nothing can be changed and keep buying cigarettes precisely because of this myth. Yes, the fear of getting fat is a very serious argument for a woman paying attention to her appearance. But the statistics says: just over half of former smokers gain weight after giving up tobacco. Moreover, in the absolute majority of them the weight again comes back to normal after approximately two months on average. This is due to the fact that at the beginning women smokers are looking for something to replace the ritual of smoking. And the unscheduled snack copes with it perfectly. After some time, this craving disappears.

And now, let’s find out what modern science says about women smokers.

Smoking and the female body: the whole truth.

Women smokers grow old and lose attractiveness faster than non-smoking women of the same age. This argument served as the reason for giving up tobacco for millions of ladies. Early wrinkles, earthy dry skin, dull hair, brittle nails — all this is typical for those dependent on nicotine. Oxygen starvation leads to increased fatigue, which causes dark circles and “bags” to form under the eyes. Teeth turn yellow from smoke. A follower of a healthy life style at 40 can look much better than a 30-year-old smoking lady.

It is much more difficult for women smokers to get pregnant. And it is even more difficult to give birth to a healthy child. To understand all the destructive power of tobacco that affects the woman’s body, you can compare two figures. Infertility in reproductive age affects 4 percent of non-smoking women and 42 percent of women smokers. But even if you manage to get pregnant, problems only begin. 500% increase the chance to give birth to a dead child.  Due to smoking, more than 95% of miscarriages occur and a third of premature babies are born. In some cases, women smokers suffer from reduced libido. Sometimes this condition requires medical attention and treatment with such medicines as female Viagra. Often the effect of smoking cannot be noticed immediately, but the child is born weak, often sick, develops slower than the peers. This is especially evident if the parents continue to smoke, and the child becomes a passive smoker.

Non-smoking women live longer, and the quality of their lives is better. It is impossible to argue with this fact. Smoking on average steals 9.5 years of life of a woman. And the last years of her life is often accompanied by a heap of diseases and ailments. It is women smokers who die in 90% of lung cancer cases. Among them the average age of infarcted patients is 14 years lower than among non-smokers. All this is typical for men with approximately the same order of numbers. But in women smoking causes specific diseases. For example, in almost half of cases of vulvar cancer, tobacco was to blame. And it increases the risk of developing cervical cancer.

For someone, the reason for a healthy lifestyle and quitting smoking will be excellent health and longevity. For others — the opportunity to have a healthy, happy and strong baby. And someone will be impressed by the result of a survey of men. According to it 97% of them prefer relationship with a non-smoking woman. And that’s what unites all those who give up this habit — this is one of the few solutions in life, which has dozens of different pros and no cons at all.

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