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Women’s health after 40: ways of taking care of it?

nwhw_30s-indexWomen’s health after 40: ways of taking care of it? Many women are worried about the question: how to preserve youth and women’s health after 40?  After all, we all want to remain as attractive, charming and filled with vital energy as when we were young. But in order to save something, it is necessary to posses this “something”. After all, according to statistics, most of the women come to the forty-five year old point with a whole bouquet of almost chronic diseases. It is necessary to begin to protect women’s health after 40, at least a decade earlier. While the state of health is excellent, no one thinks about what will happen with it in a year, 10, 20 years.

Therefore, women of forty years are divided into two categories. The first category is those who have found a second youth. And the second: those sharply aging, frequent visitors to hospital departments. In which of these groups a woman belongs is the personal choice. How to prolong your own youth, how to maintain women’s health after 40? How to live a joyful second half of life? Let’s consider the main negative aspects to which women’s health after 40 is exposed.

By this time of life the reproductive system is systematically completing its work. The first signs of menopause appear. The unstable background of the hormonal system gives rise to a malfunction in the work of other organs. Mood changes, sensitivity, tearfulness are invariable companions of menopause. The nervous system becomes unstable. There is a violation of sleep, menstrual cycle, the work of the genitourinary system. This is an inevitable and natural process. Health care during this period should be aimed at reducing the awkward feelings and getting rid of the consequences.

Excess kilograms are due to physiological changes. It can be caused by a hormonal leap, or a slow metabolism. Reduction of the weight of muscle tissue and acquisition of fatty deposits is quite possible. How to support the body’s natural weight? Do active fitness, go for a walk, move more. This is very beneficial for women’s health after 40.

Joint pains appear and the fragility of bones increases. Violations of the propulsion system are also possible. For women, it is necessary to include in the daily diet all the necessary microelements, so that calcium replenishes bone tissue and does not make it fragile.

After 40, the years themselves are a risk factor. They seriously affect the work of the heart and the vascular system, impair vision. And sometimes they contribute to the development of cancer.

Feeling of fatigue, apathic state, depression, excessive weight gain, changes in menstrual periods are typical for this period of life. All these symptoms do not have the best effect on the life of the fairer sex. From all of the above, it follows that women’s health after 40 requires an attentive and cautious approach. How to keep good health? How to maintain mental balance and avoid age-related diseases? It is necessary to adhere to useful advice and constantly:

  • Keep under control your blood pressure
  • Take care of the level of cholesterol in the blood
  • Regularly check the eye sight
  • Carry out a self-examination of the mammary glands
  • Go for cervical screening regularly
  • Control the skin condition
  • Watch for the appearance of a fairly common malignant melanoma
  • Follow the diet: avoid sugary foods, give up suspicious diets, coffee, spirits. Revise the diet, give preference to healthy food and unsaturated fats
  • Watch for any hormonal changes and discuss any problems with your physician

An important role in maintaining women’s health after 40 is played by intimate relationships.

But it happens that by the age of 40-45, women begin to experience discomfort during sex. They try in every possible way to avoid intimacy. This causes misunderstanding on the part of the husband, quarrels, cooling of relations.

So why do women after 40 experience discomfort during sex? Women’s health after 40 largely depends on hormonal balance. As a rule, by the age of 40 the organism of a woman undergoes hormonal reorganization. The number of female sex hormones reduces. This leads to physiological changes in the form of atrophic vaginitis. The mucosa becomes dry; there is discomfort or even pain during sexual intercourse. At the same time, the blood circulation of the genital organs decreases. A low level of estrogen leads to a change in pH level. This creates favorable conditions for the development of the infectious process. The most dangerous in this situation is, perhaps, a change in the cytological picture. There may be changes in the cellular composition of the cervix, the mucosa.

To whom should a woman with a feeling of discomfort or pain during sex address? Undoubtedly, a woman needs to see a gynecologist. Remember that all fair sex representatives need to visit this doctor at least twice a year. This helps not only to take care of women’s health after 40. This is mandatory for women of all ages.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to identify the cause of unpleasant feelings during sex. If you exclude obvious deviations, a gynecologist may advise you to talk to a psychologist or a psychotherapist. Decrease in libido, dryness of the vagina and pain during sex may be a consequence of a psychological ailment. In certain cases, your health care provider may prescribe a medicine to improve your sex drive. One of the most effective medicines is female Viagra.

How to deal with unpleasant sensations during intimacy? There is a way out of the situation. A woman must certainly talk to a gynecologist. The specialist can prescribe the use of so-called lubricants. These are special means for moisturizing. These funds do not interfere with the hormonal status of the patient and have only a symptomatic effect.

A more radical method is the use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It has more strong influence at woman’s health after 40. Currently, the pharmacological market offers a wide selection of estrogen-containing drugs. However, they should be used only after consulting a doctor.

But is sex important for women’s health after 40? Sex plays an important role in the life of a woman even during menopause. Positive emotions help to develop the necessary neurotransmitters (dofain, serotonin, and adrenaline). This affects not only the mood of a woman, but also necessary for the health of the mammary glands, intestines and the cardiovascular system.

What general guidelines can women of this age follow to support sexual health? First of all, create a good mood. It must be understood that menopause is a natural process through which any woman passes. It is not the old age of the organism, but only a new stage of its development. Therefore, women’s health after 40 should and could be taken care of.

Do not hesitate to experiment. Even at the age over 40 in sexual relations between a man and a woman there is a place for experiments. Perhaps it could be some kind of erotic toys, books or music. The main thing is that the pleasure from the new sensations is mutual.

Do sports. Maintaining the general tone of the body and bringing the figure in order gives confidence, a sense of sexuality and attractiveness. This favorably affects women’s health after 40 in general. But also positively affects the level of female hormones, allowing you to prolong sexual youth. At the same time, it’s worth remembering that even after 40 is quite possible to get pregnant. So if that’s not what you want, better use appropriate contraceptive methods. Talk to your physician to find out what medicines are perfect for women’s health after 40.  But modern OC pills are suitable for all ages. One of them is Yasmin birth control pills.

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