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Yasmin is the best birth control pill

Yasmin is the best birth control pill
Yasmin is the best birth control pill

Yasmin is the best birth control pill

Unwanted pregnancy is something that the majority of women are most worried about. The fact that abortion is harmful to health is well known and that’s why prevention is the most important issue.

Medicine and pharmacology are not standing still. Modern contraceptive pills are being developed and perfected. This allows reducing the number of abortions and the consequences thereafter. These drugs are safe and effective, contrary to popular in society myths about contraception. One of these modern means is Yasmin one of the most popular medicines on the pharmacological marked.

Yasmin is a monophasic OC. That means that all pills in a package are containing the same dose of hormones. A single pill contains 30 micrograms (0.03 mg) of ethinyl estradiol and 3 mg of drospirenone.

Advantages of Yasmin

Yasmin has anti-androgenic effect. This means that these pills block the action of male sex hormones (androgens) in women. Androgens are a common cause of oily skin and acne. Therefore, Yasmin may have a cosmetic effect, as well eliminate or at least attenuate the acne.

Moreover, Yasmin allows to ease pain during menstruation and to reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). These tablets do not cause water retention in the organism, so it does not increase the weight of women.

Yasmin could be used for treating endometriosis, adenomyosis, and uterine fibroids, polycystic ovarian and other gynecological ailments.

How to start using Yasmin after you used other birth control pills?

If your blister pack of previous OC contained 28 tablets, the reception of the first pill of Yasmin should be on the following day after finishing the preceding pills If the packaging of previous OC (oral contraceptives) 21 tablet, you can start receiving generic Yasmin pills on the next day after finishing the previous blister or on the 8th day after the 7-day break.

How to start using Yasmin after you have used a vaginal ring or a hormonal patch?

You must take the first pill on the day when was removed the vaginal ring or hormonal patch, or on a day when you need to attach the new patch, or to insert the vaginal ring.

How to start using this OC after you have used an intrauterine device (IUD)?

Take the first pill on the day of removal of the coil. Within 7 days after you start using these pills use additional means of contraception (for instance, condoms).

How to start taking this OC after the abortion?

If the termination of pregnancy has occurred within 12 weeks after conception, the first pill can be taken on the day of procedure.

If passed more than 12 weeks after conception the reception of Yasmin can start in 21-28 days after the abortion. To avoid unwanted pregnancy, in this case, use condoms for another week after you start taking these birth control pills.

If prior to reception this OC you had unprotected sex, you cannot use Yasmin as long as you are not 100% sure that you have not conceived.

How to start taking Yasmin after childbirth?

You can start using this medicine after 21 or 28 days after delivery. If you started reception of these pills later, it is necessary to use extra means of protection for another 7 days. If before you start consuming Yasmin you had unprotected sex, than you must to exclude the possibility of pregnancy before you start the course of these pills.

Can I take Yasmin if I breastfeed?

This OC is not designed for use by breast-feeding mothers. For nursing mothers, on the market are special control pills, which do not penetrate into breast milk.

Reception rules

If you are taking this means for the first time: the first pill must be taken in the first day of menstruation (this day is the beginning of the menstrual cycle). Menstruation may stop at the beginning of taking the pills, which is associated with the action of hormones. This must not scare you.

You can start taking the pill on 3-5th day of menstruation but in this case it is necessary to use additional means of contraception (eg, condoms) for a week after starting the pills.

Take the pills every day at about the same time. Stick to the order indicated on the blister. But if you have something mixed up, and began to drink tablets not at the suggested order, then nothing bad will happen, since all the tablets contain the same dose of hormones.

After completing the blister (when you emptied it), you should make a 7-day break. During the 7-day break, menstruating might start.

Receiving of the first pill from the next blister you should start on the 8th day after the 7-day break, regardless of the menstrual period (even if it has not started yet or not yet finished)

Do I need use any birth control means during the 7-day break?

During the break you do not need to use additional means of contraception as a contraceptive effect is maintained at a high level.

But this is true only for those cases when a woman took the pills without gaps and strictly adhering to the rules of reception. If you skipped one or more tablets in the third week of receiving Yasmin, or if the effect of the pills could be reduced for any other reason (vomiting, diarrhea, medication, etc.) you don’t need the break at all.

What should I do if I missed a pill of Yasmin?

If the time interval was less than 12 hours (therefore less than 36 hours have passed since the last intake of the pills), the contraceptive effect is not reduced. Take the pill you forgot about as soon as remembered about it. Additional protection in this case is not necessary.

What reduces the effect of this medicine?

The effect could be reduced by vomiting, diarrhea, high doses of alcohol, mixing with certain medications.

Do I need to make big breaks in Yasmin reception?

If you have used Yasmin for more than 6-12 months, you can consider the possibility of taking a break for a few months, but only if your physician’s approved this decision.

Reception Yasmin before surgical intervention

You must stop Yasmin in 4 weeks before surgery. This will reduce the risk of blood clots in the vessels. If you require a surgery urgently, be sure to tell the surgeon that you are using birth control pills. In this case, the professional will take additional measures to prevent the formation of blood clots (with medication).

How often should I visit the gynecologist when taking Yasmin?

Even if nothing bothers you, it is necessary to preventively visit the gynecologist at least once a year. Remember that only a qualified gynecologist can prescribe Yasmin to you and also can tell you about generic versions of this medicine. This medicine is available in many conventional drugstores an also you have an opportunity to buy Yasmin online.

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